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 Gansu is located in northwestern China, the upper stream of Yellow River. It is the ideal place to explore Chinese history and culture, and enjoy spectacular landscape and custom. As the golden part of Silk Road, and one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Gansu is the heaven for historians to soak in the ancient historic canvas. Uniquely housing two of "Four Greatest Grottoes" - Mogao and Maijishan, Gansu is renowned as the treasure of Buddhist paintings and sculptures. While adventurers also marvel at diverse natural wonders of Gansu - vast Gobi desert, snow mountains and glaciers, Danxia landform, etc.

China Tour Packages including Gansu - Lanzhou, Dunhuang...

Beautiful Gansu---Travelling along the Hexi Corridor, Exploring history of Silk Road culture and splendid landscape. UNESCO-Mogao Grottoes. Amazing Danxia Rainbow Mountain......

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