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Former French Concession Region

The French Concession was founded in 1862 in the southwest of Shanghai, covering both the Luwan and Xuhui Districts. It is a pleasant mix of wide plane-trees lined streets and exotic European-styled architecture.
    The French Concession, stretching from the western edge of the Old City to Avenue Haig(Huashan Road), comprises boulevards, shops, coffee house, international restaurants etc. And its residents are mainly White Russians and Chinese. The former residences of Sun Yatsen, Song Qingling and Zhou Enlai are also situated in the Concession. Besides, it had its own electrical system, judiciary and police force, thus in the old times, people who lived there could get better protection. Today the Concession is centered around Huaihai Road-a vibrant street lined with boutiques, candy stores, salons, bars etc.
    Here gathers a lot of stylish architectural buildings with Jinjiang Hotel, Ruijin Guesthouse and the Children’s Palace to the its main representatives. Jinjiang Hotel’s compound includes the Grosvenor Residence, pre-war Shanghai’s most exclusive property. The VIP Club, in the hotel’s old wing, retains its 1920s architecture .
    The surrounding streets, especially Julu Road and Maoming South Road, come alive at night with lively bars and clubs. Another interesting building-the Ruijin Guesthouse is situated at the corner of Fuxing Middle Road and Shaanxi South Road. This Tudor-style manor is now an inn set in a quiet compound. The Children’s Palace at the western end of Yan’an Road was part of an early-1920s estate, and is now a children’s arts center 
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