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Longwu Lamasery

Longwu Lamasery is located in the town of Jiegu junction north hillside, with its magnificent buildings and it is one of the six most famous Gelupa Lamaseries in Gansu and Qinghai Provinces. It is a key historical site under national protection.
The lamasery was built in the 5th year of Dade Period of the Yuan Dynasty(1301). In 1625, the Ming Emperor gave a board inscribed the "xiyushengjing" (paradise in western China) which gave the lamasery nation-wide attention. Inside the lamasery, according to the record, longwu Temple first built for five years in the Yuan Dynasty (1301), In 1625, the Ming Emperor gave a board inscribed the "Wonderland in West China " which was hung above the front door of the grand scripture-chanting Hall, making the monastery famous far and wide. Inside the hall is a statue of Tsongkhapa, master of the Gelug Sect, standing 11 meters tall on a bed that is 26 meters in diameter. The statue is coated and inlaid with gold, jade and gems, which make it glitter and glow. Temple has more than 200 seats, and also has become one of the large Gelugpa monastery of Amdo region.
Longwu Temple Hall, the permitted building magnificent, which has remarkable ornate and rich cultural relics. The halls dedicated to the reward by the Ming emperors, statue of Skamania and other dozens of respect and exquisite style, solemn. Also, the lamasery keeps mantle, alms bowl, and musical instruments of the first to the seventh Xiaricang, the fine wall paintings, embroideries, tangka and other works of art keeps here for years. The lamasery is truly a museum of Buddhist art. As the years passed it has become the outstanding generation of Tibetan religion and culture.
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