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Borders of Kashgar

The most detailed information of border port in Xinjiang, what you want to know is following:
Recent years, as the most important passageway in ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang become the focus in people’ s mind once again because of the influence of “Belt and Road”. Xinjiang, not only have majestic scenery, cuisine, folklore with different style, but also have the largest area, the longest border line with a number of bordering countries and land port. Boarding 8 countries, with more than 5600 kilometers of long border line, there are more than a dozen external land ports. It is pity that you don’t have a travel the land port and know about it when you in Xinjaing.
All ports here are all high altitude
Khunjerab port (China and Pakistan)   —— the highest altitude port
Khunjerab Port is located in Tashkurgan County, the famous Pamir Plateau in Xinjiang. It is located in the Karakoram Mountains at an altitude of 4733 meters. The surrounding mountains are towering, which scenery is majestic and natural landscape is very beautiful.
The port is located in 130 kilometers from the county town of Tashkurgan, 420 kilometers from Kashgar and 1890 kilometers from Urumqi. The Khunjerab port has magnificent scenery but the natural environment is bad, which is known as the Valley of Death. The border guards still work on the post at this high-altitude port.
In September 1981, China and Pakistan reached an agreement to open the port. On 27 August, 1982, the Khunjerab Port was officially opened to the citizens of China and Pakistan. On 1 May, 1986, it was officially opened to third-country. Due to its location, the port is opened seasonally from 1 April to 30 November each year. Since the Tashkurgan area is bordered by Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, which is military sensitive area and the security check is strict.
Transportation: The Karakoram Highway passes through here. Starting from Kashgar to this port, most convenient transportation is chartered bus or self-driving. If someone go to the port, he needs to handle a border defense certificate.
Karasu Port(China and Tajikistan)
   Karasu Port a class of land according to the state (highway) port planning, examination and inspection unit set up infrastructure under construction, covers an area of 5.4-8 square meters. Karasu port opened, port cargo throughput up to 40,000 tons, the 3 million annual passengers; 5 years up to 8-10 million tons over the volume, the passenger traffic for more than 5 million next year. 2008 million tons of import and export goods, the value of 100 million U.S. dollars.
The Karasu port is the only road port between China and Tajikistan. Same as Khunjerab,it is on the Pamirs plateau. The port is located in Tajik County, Kashgar, near the 314 National Road at the foot of the Muztag Mountain, only 62 kilometers from the county seat. It is in the West Kunlun Mountains and also a plateau port with an altitude of 4050 meters.
The Karasu Port is a newly opened seasonal port recent years. It was temporarily opened to the public on 25 May, 2004 and officially approved for opening to the outside world on 25 December, 2007. According to the agreement between China and Tajikistan, the port is opened every year on 20 April and closed on 30 October.
Kashgar Airport Port
   The second largest airport in Xinjiang Kashgar airport, built in 1953. Opened in 1954 in Urumqi – Kuqa – Aksu – Kashgar route. Airport has been from 1974 to 1986 of a second phase of renovation and expansion projects as well as night lighting system in 1986, building, especially from 1997 to 1999 of the fly zone to expansion, the airport construction are maturing, to the modern Air Hong Kong requirements. For the existing runway length of 3,200 meters, 45 meters wide, the apron area of 60,000 square meters, allowing movements A, B, C, D Class models, up to the national standard of 4E-class airport.
   Kashgar Airport in recent years, passenger and cargo throughput increased year by year. 2003 216 900 passenger trips, an increase of 31.69 percent, up 3.6 times 1902 tons cargo, setting a historical record airport, airport traffic in the same top.
   April 23, 1993 by the State Council approved the Kashgar airport open ports. Area of 3100 square meters of the International Joint Inspection Building was completed in August 2001 and in June 5, 2002 opening, has been opened Kashgar – Islamabad, Pakistan route; will open Kashi – India; Kashi – Kyrgyzstan and other international route.
Kashgar Xinyifa second class port profile
   Kashgar Xinyifa second class port issued by the Hong Kong group to construct the new Villa is located in the middle of Century Boulevard, Kashgar City, 1 km from Kashgar railway station, near Kashgar airport, transport facilities, location, is an important commercial corridor in Kashgar and economic centers . Kashgar Xinyifa second class of 400 acres of land for port planning, including a project covers an area of 194 mu, building area of 169,660 square meters, total investment of 250 million. On September 29, 2002 the official opening, more than a year since the operation has been gradually revealed in the pull logistics advantages and attractiveness of the realization of more than 30,000 tons of goods through customs.
   Kashgar Xinyifa second class port, including customs surveillance zone, joint terminal, convention center, five specialized wholesale markets, storage areas and other functional areas. Port within the customs control area of 18,000 square meters, large modern warehouse of 6000 square meters closed. Area high scientific and technological means, with first-class facilities and advanced warehouse management and customs clearance inspection network management system, internal peripherals, CCTV systems, networked together with the customs data, the implementation of population management card. Exit Inspection and Quarantine Kashgar, Kashgar Customs, Foreign Office of Transportation Management, Inventory Control Point in the port commission joint terminal in the joint field office, the goods can be handled in this one-time inspection, customs clearance, customs clearance and exit procedures, reduce costs, improve customs clearance.
   Kashgar Xinyifa second class port will rely on the domestic market, to play the role of border trade zone, and gradually expanding foreign trade, Chongfen use the rich resources of neighboring countries, in multilateral, deep cooperation promotion of investment and structural adjustment, open the internal and external channels, and implementing “bring about a sustainable, eastern and west,” the trade strategy, gradually Kashgar into a “central city in western South and the international business center,” Kashgar region’s economic and promote healthy and rapid development.
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