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Khotan Jade

    Also called “the Jade of Kunshan”, mainly produced in areas along the Yurung-kash River and the Kara-kash River, including white jade, yellow jade, green jade, jasper, black jade, and mutton-fat jade. The mutton-fat jade is a top grade one in white jade, with a fine and smooth character and and a moist color and luster. Khotan jade has been sold far into the inland and Eurasia through the Jade Road since ancient times. Khotan is a main producing area of nephrite in the world. The output of high-grade mutton-fat jade alone can reach 200-300 kilograms a year. The “Jade Carving showing Dayu`s Preventing Floods by Water Control” collected in the Palace Museum in Beijing is carved with a block of Khotan white jade, which weighs 5350 kilograms. The national treasure “Sculpture of Boundless Busshish Paradise” is carved with a high-grade Khotan jade 472 kilograms in weight. 
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