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Lavender Garden

Here, you can not only enjoy the beautiful lavender fields, but also see colourful flower fields and romantic sculptures of fields which made up by various of flowers.
Introduction of lavender Garden
Huocheng county is located in the north west of Xinjiang, the western part of Tianshan Mountain, and the northwest of Yili valley, it is the largest area of lavender grown in China. With the beautiful landscape, vast and sparsely populated, snow mountains under blue sky and white clouds, set off the purple lavender fields, such a magnificent earth, the integration of heaven and earth, which is the paradise of tourists.
What to visit in Lavender Garden?
The gate of the lavender park is on the West side, it is next to National Highway 218. When you enter the scenic area you will see the lavender museum, behind the museum is the colourful flower field, with variety garden, aromatic grass workshop and a large purple lavender field, the visit area is about 200 metres. After visiting the museum, tourists can take photos and visit the essential oil production process in the aromatic lavender workshop, the playing time is about 2-3 hours.
When is the best time to visit?
Every June and July is the best time for viewing lavenders, but there are no flowers in other seasons, so you can only visit museums when you come to the scenic spot. Every June, the lavender fields of the Ili Valley, when lavenders sway like waves in the wind, the refreshing fragrance of flowers in the wind seems to tell the harvesters that it is another year of lavender harvest. In addition, there are many kinds of colorful flowers planted in the flower field according to the shape of strips, which is very beautiful. In the flower field, you can also see the various decorations such as scarecrow, flower gate, windmill and sculpture, which make the whole scene very romantic and suitable for photography.
When is the best to take picture?
Behind the eastern side of the seven-colour flower field is a large area of lavender field, which is also one of the best places to shoot lavender in Huocheng. Every June to July, patches of lavender blooms, just like a purple ocean, which is quite magnificent.
Other travel information:
Besides take pictures, visiting the Lavender Museum and the Essential Oil Factory is also a main activity. The museum is the main building in the park, it has a displayed the process of cultivation, utilization and processing of lavender, as well as a variety of samples of lavender. There will be several free lectures in the museum every day, and if you're lucky, you can learn more about Lavender through the lectures.
The admission ticket:
Peak season: 35 RMB/Person
Off season: 17 RMB/Person
Opening time:
Peak season: 1st May to 1st October ( 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM )
Off season: 10th October to 30th April ( 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM )
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