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Maijishan Grottoes

As one of the Four Grottoes of Chinese Buddhism, Maiji Mountain, or Maii Cliff, was founded in the period of Later Qin(384 AD - 412 AD) among the 16 kingdoms. Maiji Mountain towers in a neighborhood of prosperous pins and bamboos as well as rolling and surrounding mountains, known as " the cap of forest and springs in the region of Qin".
Introduction of Maijishan Grottoes
Maiji Mountain is an isolated mountain which surrounded by steep cliffs and green forests, it has beautiful scenery. when you climbing on the cliff's overhanging trestle road, you can not only enjoy the Buddhist art, but also visit the surrounding scenery, and that is quite worth to visit.
In which I have to say it is a really wonderful mount in Xiaolong Mountain at the east end of Qinling Mountain in China. 1.742 metres above sea level and 30 kilometers away from Tianshui Train Station. Though only 142 metres high, the mountain has strange shape and towering peak like wheat stacks, so known as Maiji (wheat pile in Chinese). There are cliffs to the southwest of the peak. The famous Maiji Grottoes were cut on such cliffs, some 20-30 metres and some 70-80 metres away from base of the mountain. Among Chinese grottoes, it has been rare to cut nearly 1,000 caves and Buddha statues in such precipitous cliffs.
What to visit in Maijishan Grottoes
When you reach the bottom of Maiji Mountain, you will see the green and beautiful scenery around it. On the exposed side of the rock wall, the layers of hanging trestles were built. The hanging trestles were very dangerous, with a height of more than 600 metre. A number of large and small caves and Buddha statues were excavated between the trestles, and the pictures taken under the mountains is very spectacular.
The travel route of Maijishan Grottoes is very simple, as long as you walk up the wooden trestle road in the mountains, you can visit various of Grottoes along the side. when you visiting the grottoes you will find that many of the wooden sidewalks under your feet are now reinforced with cement, which is quite exciting. Maijishan Grottoes are well preserved. Nowadays, except for some special grottoes, most of them can be visited. Walking on the trestle road, you can see that the size of the Buddha cave is not spectacular at first, although the Buddha statues are very small, but many of them are protected by wire mesh, meanwhile, there are many Buddha statues in the cave, and they are very stupendous.
When you visiting the grottoes, you can focus on the 135 caves (Paradise Cave), 142 caves, 37 caves, 127 caves, 44 caves and so on. travelers can not only hear the classic Buddhist story, but also visit the exquisite sculptures such as Flying Apsaras and other works.
When is the best time to travel to Maijishan Grottoes ?
Every July to October is the best time to travel to Maiji Mountain, among them, the scenery in summer and winter are quite unique. In summer, you can see green trees and beautiful flower. In winter, the snow scenery of Maiji Mountain Grottoes are very attractive.
The traffic information of Maijishan Grottoes
Maijishan Grottoes is the main scenic spot of Maijishan Scenic Area, it is situated at the southeast of Tianshui City. The scenery of Majishan Grottoes are very spectacular, and there are sightseeing buses from Tianshui city to the scenic area.
The ticket information of Maijishan Grottoes
The landscape of Majishan Grottoes is very magnificent, and the tickets of Maiji Mountain Scenic Spot can be divided into two categories: grottoes and non-grottoes. Tourists can choose according to their interests and demand.
Travel information of Maijishan Grottoes
It is about 3 kilometres from the gate of the scenic spot to the parking lot. Tourists can walk or take sightseeing bus to the scenic spot. If you are interested in the Buddhist culture, you can you can hire a tour guide to explain it.
Travel tips of Maijishan Grottoes:
1. In order to protect cultural relics, tourists are not allowed to use flash lights in places where photos can be taken.
2. Tourists can also visit some scenic spots such as Xianrenya Cliff and Maijishan Botanical Garden in Maijishan Scenic Area.
The admission fees of Maijishan Grottoes: 90 RMB/Person

Opening Time:
9.30 AM to 4.30 ( 1st January to 31st December )

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