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    The Bund is Shanghai's most characteristic landscape. Over one hundred years, it has emerged as a symbol of Shanghai. It is located between the Nanpu Bridge and the Waibaidu Bridge in the West Bank of Huangpu River, with the total length of four kilometers. It is one of the new ten landscapes of the Shanghai 90s and the top ten tourist attractions. The Huangpu River, Long Beach, Green Square, as well as magnificent architectural complex together constitute a spectacular Shanghai incomparable landscape.
    In early days of the Bund, roads were narrow and overcrowded, however, after comprehensive treatment; it became more charming, especially the night view.
    To the east side of the Bund is the mighty Huangpu River and the beautiful new Bund embankment, where tourists can enjoy the mien of the mother river of Shanghai ---the Huangpu River. Alongside the Huangpu River, one would saunter between the flower bed and the trees, feel metropolitan gardens and enjoy the rare fresh air of the city; he would also enjoy the beautiful scene of the Bund, the feelings of the new Shanghai style, and listen to the Mother River describing the past to her children.
    On the west side of the Bund are the famous "Far East Wall Street", where locates a large building complex, the "Exhibition of International Architecture". It starts from the Bund Garden Bridge from north to south to Jinling Donglu, about 1.5 kilometers long. In this arc, stand 52 different styles of buildings, among which have ancient Roman style, Baroque, Gothic, neoclassical style, Renaissance, Chinese and Western-style and etc. In the shadow of night, the towering buildings under the light of fancy lamps appear to be resplendent.
    At the end of the Nanjing Road is Chen Yi Square, where stands a statue of Chen Yi; On the opposite side to the Customs House is the Times square, in the middle of which has artificial waterfalls and water curtain bell, and the water column shows the time of major cities over the world, which features as a symbol of the historical process; Wall art sculpture is on the opposite side of HSBC Bank, where three dimensional sculpture and relief represent Shanghai's "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", "Strength, Wisdom and Courage"; In Yan An Road East, urban landscape is set up with the theme of "For Tomorrow" in a six columns' cycle, together with the 80-year history weather signal station to form a new special attraction.
    Walk along the gentle curve of the riverside, you will find a unique scene ---the world famous "Couple Walls". Whenever it is day or night, you can see couples embracing and talking with their back against the wall. People who come here would stay for a moment, thus constitutes this unique "Couple Wall" of Shanghai.
    Huangpu River and the night view of the Bund are important strokes of the Shanghai landscape. When night falls, the floodlights of the grand buildings on the Bund are shining together, sketching the attractive figure of the whole building complex, making the buildings look like huge crystal palaces, and echoes with the two bridges of Huangpu River to form a sea of fancy lamps.
Tips for the Bund Tour
Bus route: No.20,22,37,55,56
Open Time:24 hours. It is better to walk along the Bund in the evening in order to enjoy the enchanting night view. 
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