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Shandanjun Horse Farm

As one of the most historical horse farm in China, the scenery of the Shandanjun Horse-breeding Farm is quite magnificent, Tourists can not only enjoy the vast grasslands and rape flower fields, but also experience the passion of galloping horses on the grasslands.
Introduction of Shandanjun Horse-breeding Farm:
Shandan Military Horseyard is located in the south of Zhangye Shandan County, which is a vast grassland on the north side of Qilian Mountains. Since ancient times, this Royal Military Racecourse, has become the largest horse farm in the world. In this horse farm, tourists can experience the galloping horses on the grassland, but also taste some delicacies, and it will definitely feast your eyes.
What to visit in Shandanjun Horse-breeding Farm:
Here, tourists can enjoy the best scenery in the Shandanjun Horse-breeding farm, the grassland fields are situated on both sides of the road for tens of kilometres. Furthermore, the horse farm are the paradise of photographer, every summer when rapeseed blossoms, it looks like a golden ocean, and that is quite picturesque.
Tourists have to follow the direction of the sign and go all the way to enjoy the scenery and it will takes about 2 hours to reach the scenic spot. the field one is main tourist destination of the whole racecourse. The most important game in the scenic area is horse riding, which can be experienced directly through a hotel contact after arrival.
Tourists can learn to ride on the grassland, but compare with the other horse farms, the horse of Shandan Military Horse-breeding Farm are mostly docile and obedient, the prairie is flat and vast . Tourists can experience the sense of trotting or galloping on the grassland.
When is the best time to visit?
The summer time of Shandan Military Racecourse is very short, so every July and August are the best time to travel to Shandan Military Horse-breeding Farm, other seasons will be colder and you will not  see the green grasslands and rapeseed flowers.
The grazing horse ceremony is a highlight of the scenic spot. Every morning around 6 o'clock,  herdsmen will rush hundreds of horses to graze on the grassland. so at this time, travelers can shoot and experience Ten thousand horses gallop forward, and at this time, herdsmen will rush hundreds of horses to graze on the grassland.
In addition, there is a reservoir about 2 kilometres away from the factory. In the evening, if there is nothing to do, you can take a walk along the lake, which is quite comfortable.
Travel strategies:
Shandan Military Stadium covers a large area, and it divided into five fields. Among them, the field three are most beautiful scenery in this horse farm, while the main playground and service places such as hotels and restaurants are concentrated in one place, and it will takes about two hours to drive between the two places.
In general, the travel routine of the Shandanjun Horse-breeding Farm is to enter from three fields and enjoy three beautiful natural scenery and go to a lodging on the first day, and then leave from Shandan County after riding here the next day.
Travel tips of Shandanjun Horse-breeding Farm:
1. In the process of horse riding, travelers must follow the instructions of the coach to learn, in order to avoid danger.
2. The altitude of the horse farm is about 3000 metres, and the yogurt and honey belong to cold food, tourist should not be greedy, in case of diarrhea.
Opening Time:
The scenic spot is open all day.

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