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The Flaming Mountain

Location:Situated in the Turpan Basin,it is the necessary passage to the Astana Tombs and the thousand Buddha Caves.
    The Flaming Mountain is stretches 100km from east to west and is 10km wide.with the highest peak reaching 831.7 metes.It is mainly composed of the arenaceous rock,conglomerate and mudstone of the Jurassic Period,the Cretaceous Period and the Trassic Period.When in summer the fiery sun beats down on the purple-colored mountains,an intense red glow is reflected from the mountainside,resembling a roaring flame.Consequently the local Uygur people call it”Kezletage”,which means red mountains.A legend goes like this:Long long ago,an evil dragon from the Tianshan Mountain often visited the place and every time he would prey upon a young boy and a young girl.People were lining in the terror and anxiety.The karahoja,the royal commander-in-chief,made up his mind to get rid of the evil.He fought against the dragon turned into “Kezletage” instantly and the eight cut wounds on the dragon are now the right canyons in the flaming mountain.
   In A Journey to the West,the story describing the Flaming Mountain happened here.Monk Xuan Zang set out on his pilgrimage to India to collect Buddhist scriptures.On one occasion staying in Gaochang(Turpan),the Flaming Mountain was burning so hot ,he ordered the Monkey King to borrow a plam-leaf fan from the Iron Fan Princess to put out the fire to let them get through.Today,the natural stone pile standing on the top of the Shengjin Mountain is said to be Monk Xuan Zang’s”horse stake”.
   In 2004,a “furnace of making pills of immortatily”,which imitates from the story of A Journey to the West,opened to public.Inside there is a 12 meter high thermometer displaying the local temperature.
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