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The Flaming Mountain

Flaming Mountain is located on the east side of Lianhuo ( Lianyungang yo Huocheng) Expressway in Turpan, and it is about 30 kilometres away from the urban area. The Scenic Spot is mainly composed of red brown sandstone landform. Historically, it is the seat of the ancient Gaochang State. In legend, it is the place where Monk Tang and his apprentices used palm-leaf fan to fan out the flames in the novel of Journey to the West.

What to visit in Flaming Mountain:
In the scenic spot, tourists can visit the magnificent landform, the historical exhibition of Gaochang State, and thematic Sculpture of Journey to the West.
Flame Mountain Scenic Spot is divided into underground and overground, and it will takes about 1-2 hours to visit. Generally, before going to the underground part visitors will come this Gallery-style exhibition hall to visit. when you entre the exhibition hall, you will definitely be addicted by its unique decoration and the exhibitions, the roof of the pavilion is decorated with Sky-like lights, that is very characteristic. In the exhibition hall, you can also see the statues and introductions of figures which related to Gaochang State.
Walking through the underground scenic area, you can go to the overground part. The overground part of the landscape is the red rocks and cliff landform, which is very spectacular and suitable for photography. There are many sculptures with the theme of Journey to the West, as well as a giant thermograph named golden cudgel, which is very interesting.

When is the best time to visit?
Every March to September are the best time to travel to Turpan, among them, from June to July is the hottest time in Turpan, the temperature will be above 40 degrees.
Though Spring may be cooler, but there are often sandstorm that are much harder to deal than the heat.
Autumn is probably the ideal time to be here though the Winter can come fast, bringing with it the biting cold of the desert.
In addition, the Flame Mountain in Turpan is one of the hottest places in the China, especially in Summer, and the climate is very dry. So travelers are suggested to drink plenty of water and sunscreen products and dust-proof equipment.

The Mythology of Flaming Mountain:
Here is the Flame Mountain which was mentioned in the novel Journey to the West. Monk Tang( Xuanzang ) and his apprentices went to India to collect sutras from the West. When they passing through Turpan, it was difficult for them to move a step because of the high temperature of the Flame Mountain, and then, Monkey King ( Sun Wu Kong his apprentices ) borrowed a palm-leaf fan from Princess of Iron Fan to extinguish the fire to let them get through. Today, the natural stone pile standing on the top of the Shengjin Mountain is said to be Monk Xuanzang’s “horse stake”.

Travel tips of Flaming Mountain:
1.Turpan is located in the basin, but tourists are still suggested to prepare sunhats, sunglasses and body lotion.
2.Tourists have to respect the life and beliefs of the local minorities.
3.The climate of Flame Mountain in Turpan is hot and dry, so tourists are suggested to drink plenty of water and bring some sunscreen products.

The admission fees: 40 RMB/Person

Opening Time:
Peak season: 21st April to 20th October ( 8.00 AM - 9.00 PM )
Off season: 21st October to 20th April ( 10.00 AM - 6.30 PM )

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