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Shuimogou Park

As one of the Xinjiang travel destinations in Urumqi, the scenic spot is composed of "five mountains and one water", which integrates ice and snow customs and beautiful scenery.

Brief Introduction of Shuimogou Park
Shuimogou Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Urumqi, it is the largest park in Urumqi. It has small bridges, flowing stream and pavilions plus beautiful environment, which is a good place for local residents and tourists to relax on weekends.

What to visit & play in Shuimogou Park
The park is open for free all year round,and there are sightseeing buses in the park, which can be used for sightseeing. In the park, there are lakes, trees, goldfish and rockeries and some statues of historical celebrities, and that can be visited one by one. Futhermore, the park have some children's recreation projects in the park, such as boating and other amusement facilities, which is suitable for children to play.

The Water mill of Shuimogou Park:
Shuimogou has abundant spring water and the water from these springs are gradually converges into Shuimogou River, which is the mother river for all ethnic groups in Urumqi. Shuimo River has abundant power resources, in 1907 (Guangxu 33 years), Wang Shunan used the natural water resources here to built an official  flour processing factory for military supplies, after that, the private mill built along the river gradually developed into a scale, turning this scenic mountain canyon into a water mill world.

Jin Shi Yuan:
The scenic spot is composed of "Fuxi Nuwa relief sculpture", "alliance oath tablet", "Lianxin Pavilion", "concentric cliff stone scene", "Mandarin duck and butterfly tree" and other different hand sculptures.

Xiangfei Stone:
It is said that in 1760 (Qianlong 25), a 26 year old Uygur girl from Kashgar was summoned to Beijing for her family's counterinsurgency and meritorious service. When she passed through Urumqi, she saw the overlapping peaks of Shuimogou, the towering ancient trees, the dazzling water mist, the brilliant water quality and the charming scenery. She took a trip in Shuimogou and took a shower in the hot spring. After the shower, Mure Aizimu sat on the stone and combed her hair and made up her appearance. when she was entering Beijing, Qianlong was very fond of her. Five years later, she became the concubine of Rong, and then she was named the concubine of Xiangfei for 28 years, because she was born with the strong fragrance of Elaeagnus angustifolia.

Other Information of Shuimogou Park:
In addition to visiting the park, Shuimogou is also a famous hot spring resort. On the west side of the park, there are Wester Holiday Hot Spring Hotel, Xuelian mountain Golf and Spa Club to name just a few, where you can enjoy the warmth.

The admission ticket: Free of charge

Opening Time:
Autumn and Winter: 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM
Spring and Summer: 7.30 AM to 10.30 PM
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