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The Pamirs

Located in the southwestern part of China,the Pamirs are formed by the complexes of the great mountain,such as Tianshan,Karakoram,Kunlun,and Hindukush mountain ranges.The Pamirs were called ‘Congling’in ancient China.The altitude of the Pamirs mountains ranges are from 3200-4500 meters above the sea level.So it is also called the father of all the mountains and ‘the roof of the world’,In history,the Pamirs was a strategic area in the ancient ‘Silk Road’.The governments of different dynasties established their administrative offices or fortresses on the Pamirs.Great tourists,such as Fa Xian,famous monk in the Tang Dynasty,Xuan Zang and Marco Polo,the famous Italian traveler,went over the Pamirs and left us their impressive descriptions.The mountains here can be divided into eight parts based on geographical features,each of which is called ‘Pa’.And Qing Dynasty established eight ‘Kaluns’(the fortress)in each part.And the Qing government set up a memorial tablet in Archur Pamir,om which inscriptions were carved to honor the merits of soldiers and officer.
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