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Shandanjun Horse Farm

Shandanjun Horse Farm is one of the longest in historyin the world, ranking the largest in scale in Asia and the second largest in the world.
    Shandanjun Horse Farm is flat with luxuriant grass and abundant water. The Horse farm is embraced by a luxuriantly green land in the summer and it looks golden in winter, where is an ideal place for horses to multiply and grow up. Ever since the Western Han Dynasty, the horse farm, on the basis of local Mongolian horses, introduced various Turkestan horses and created a hybrid of Shandan horse, which is famous all over the nation. Thus this horse farm has been chosen to be the base of royal and military horses throughout dynasties. Shandan horse is well-shaped, strong and easy to feed. Its excellence in adaptability, speed and endurance strength makes it a good choice for carrying loads, riding and pulling. Currently, the total number of Shandan Horses exceeds ten thousand. In Shanghai Forest Park, Xi’an Amusement Park and some parks in Lanzhou, etc, there are some Shandan horses for vistors to ride and take pictures. In the 80s, a movie shot by Shanghai Film Studio – the Wrangler was brought to the audience, which enabled Shandan horse and the scenery of the horse farm to enjoy a great popularity all through the nation. Both domestic and foreign film studios came to shoot for movies and documentaries one after another. More than 30 films have been made here, among which are Mongolian Flower, the Wrangler, Princess Wencheng, Wang Zhaojun, and Stories of Wheat Haystock Moutain. Nowadays, there are still a lot of film studios from both home and abroad coming and shooting outer door scene here. 
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