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Sayram Lake

Sayram is enchased in the hinterland of Tianshan Mountain. It is 93.6 kilometers southwest of the Bole City, on the north side of the Urumqi-Yining Road. Sayram in Kazak means"blessing’’ while in Mongolia means "lake on the mountain ridge’’. The lake is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang and lies at the highest altitude, with a height of 2, 072 meters above sea level. It is about 29.5 kilometers long from east to west and about 23.4 kilometers wide from north to south, occupying an area of 458 square kilometers. The lake, about 90 meters deep at the greatest depth holds 21 billion cubic meters of water.
The Sayram Lake is on the northern Silk Road, and present Urumqi-Ili highway runs along the southern bank. Beside the lake and on the mid-lake island, historic spots like the Longwang Temple(Dragon King Temple), the Hai Temple, and other constructions once were built, but now all have unfortunately disappeared.
In the spring, summer and autumn the sapphire water of the lake seems to meet the sky in the distance. The pasture is a charming scene of flourishing trees, waving grass, and wildflowers that are reflected in the clear water of the lake. In the winter, snow falls and the water of the lake turns to ice. Only a small portion of the lake can be seen in the vast whiteness of the ice and snow.
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