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Rape Flowers in Menyuan

Hui Autonomous County is a county under the administration of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Northern Qinghai Province, which is 150 kilometers far away from Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province. Many pople know rape flowers just because of the Tour of Qinghai Lake,which is the largest inland salt lake in China. It has an altitude of 3,200 meters.Qinghai attracts people by its mysterious coloring, and the beauty can be found around the lake with its purity. Around the lake is the endless outstretching of grassland and rapes, wheat fields. In the distance, countless yak,sheep, cattle and horses are grazing under the white cloud-dotted blue sky. Still farther away tower the snow-capped mountains, showing a natural and harmonious picture. In June and July, vast rape flowers burst into bloom beside the Qinghai Lake, the bright yellow flowers wriggling under the blue sky. It is the largest growing areas of highland rape flowers in China. So it is the important seed oil region in the northwest of China. So it is the largest growing areas of highland rape flowers in China. About 400 million square meters of rape flowers blossom around Qinghai Lake area, at the foot of the Qilian mountains and Daban mountain, creating a picturesque landscape. When the rapes of more than 100.000 mu are blossoming in June every year, the marvelous spectacle of “flower sea of hundred li” occurs from the west Qingshizui to the east Yulongtan, from the north Lenglongling to the south Daban mountain. Hundreds of thousands of acres blooming rape flowers form the brilliant scenery. The rape land in Qingshizui is flat and open, running southward directly to the foot of the Qilian Mountains. The length of the sea of rape is about 50 kilometers, the width is 12 kilometers and the area is 535 square kilometers. Except for a few houses and the snow-capped Qilian Mountains, thousands of hectares of rape land reveal the same color, like a great piece of nugget, producing a magnificent view just like paradise, which looks like a golden sea. When blue, green, yellow in Menyuan, around the Qinghai Lake and at the foot of the Olian mountains by nature blends together, the shocking beauty is almost unspeakable. It would be the most enjoyable thing to visit the sea of rape flowers.
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