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Lama Temple

  The only temple in Beijing to have its own subway stop, the Yonghe Lamasery, or Yonghegong,or lama Temple is the most handsome and impressive Buddhist temple in the city. Lama Temple ( Yonghe Lamasery ) was built in the 33 Qing Kangxi year (1694) and it is now the largest and best-preserved Lamasery of Yellwo Sect in Beijing. It was the residence of Emperor Yongzheng before his ascending to the throne. Built initially in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty, this building was the residence of Emperor Yongzheng when he was just a prince. However, in 1744 the Qing Dynasty formally changed the status of the dwelling to that of a lamasery, and so Yonghe Lamasery became the national centre of Lama administration.
    The whole temple sits from north toward south. The following architectures line from south to north orderly- the Arch Courtyard(Pailouyuan), the Gate of Zhaotai (Zhaotaimen), the Hall of Heavenly Kings (Yian wangdian), the Hall of Harmony and Peace(Yonghegongdian), the Hall of Eternal Blessing (Yongyoudian), the Hall of Dharma Whell (Falundian), and the Ten- Thousand- Happiness Pavilion(Wanfuge) etc. 500 Arhat Mountain in the Hall of Dharma Wheel(Falundian) is carved with rosewood,3 meters wide, 5 meter high and thirty centimeters thick. The Five-hundred-arhat Mountain is carved with rosewood, whicih is 3 meters wide, 5 meters high and 30 centimeters thick apporoximately. The five hundreds arhats is made of five metalsgold, siver copper, iron and tin-and it is one of "three masterpieces" of Lama Temple. The huge wood-carved "Maidala Buddha" worshipped in the Ten-Thousan-Buddha Pavilion(Wanfoge) is 18 meters high, and 26 meters high all together if plus with the 8 meters buried under the earth. It is also one of the "three masterpieces" of Lama Temple. The rosewodd huge Buddha has been listed into the Guinnes World Record in 1990.
Open Time: 09:00-16:30
Travel Time: 1.5 hours
Add: No.13 Imperial College Stree, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Take subway or No.62, 13, 116 and special 2 bus and get off at Lama Temple
Entrance Fee: RMB 20 
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