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Kanbula National Geopark

Covering a total area of 152 square kilometers, Kalula National Forest Park lies in the northwest of Jianzha County,Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai province. Kanbula is adjacent to Lijiaxia Hydropower Station, one of the national key projects, and 131 km from Xining. With nearly 50 tourist attractions, the scenic spot consists of imposing hills, eroded hillock, and small basins among mountains. Tourists from home and abroad are attracted by its splendid forest landscape, fantastic Danxia landform, spectacular reservoir scenery and unique religion sites.Kanbula is well-known for the magnificent unique Danxia landform. The landscape is mainly featured by wonderful peaks, precipitous hills, caves, cliffs and many rock peaks, stone columns and stone walls. The large hills look like grand and vertical columns, towers and castles; the small hills are in the shape of giants, animals and so on. Among these, views like“ Fairies’ Meeting”,“The stiff Hillock "and “Nanzong Valley” are the most representatives.
“Fairies Meeting” is made up of tens of straight-rising cone massifs, on which rare flowers and plants grow luxuriantly. Seen from a commanding position, it looks like the fairyland in the abode of immortals, where fairies are dancing gracefully. “ The stiff Hillock'' is composed of dozens of tower peaks with crags. Viewed from the most advantageous spot, the peaks seem to be dancing with boundless forests, weathers multifarious, and an admiration of the charming land arising spontaneously.
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