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Hecang Town

Hecang Town The ancient Hecang Town, built in the Western Han Dynasty, was used as a suppplying base for the frontier soldiers and tradesmen, and regarded as a life line to the northern direction of the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty and the Wei Dynasty. The ancient Hecang Town located in 15 kilometres east of Yumenguan Pass, was built beside the ancient road near Shulehe River with a strategic position surrounded by marshes and lakes. The town is about 3 metres high above the marshlands with a vast Gobi desert in the south and inflected completely the millitary thoughts of ancient Chinese strategists. The wall of the town was built by clay and the town took the shape of rectangle with the length of about 132 metres from east to west, the width about 17 metres from south to north and the highest heighth 6.7 metres of the remaining wall. The two walls from south to north separate the town into three storehouses with a southern door respectively and several holes on the wall to ventilate the storehouses. Over two thousand of Years, the ancient town has preserved completely and exhibited its majestic appearance there, and it is also a large-size millitary storehouse remaining on the Silk Road.
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