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Great Wall of Han Dynasty, Fire Beacons and Piled Firewoods

The majestic and magnificant Great Wall is a great creation of ancient Chinese, and bodifies the spirit of unceasing efforts to improve themselves of Chinese nationalities. In the Western Han Dymasty early, the length of the Great Wall of about one thousand kilometers was built through Zhangye, Ejina, Jinta, Jiayuguan Pass, Yumen, Anxi to Dunhuang of Hexi Corridor in order to defend the Central Plain from Xiongnu tribes harassing, guarding the central government, assuring the Silk Road unblocking. That is the well-known Great Wall of the Han Dynasty. The most of the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty was leveled in the past two thousand years inside Dunhuang with remaining track existed, only a small part of it had its old appearance. The methods of building the Great Wall were various and it was a creation that the Great Wall was built of clay, reeds, the branches of red willows together in the Han Dynasty. Along the Great Wall there remained fire beacons of ancient times, and it was said, a large-size beacon was set up within the distance of ten li and a small-size beacon was set up within the distance of five li. Piled firewoods were prepared to give smoke for an alarm when the enemy came. There remained piled firewoods of old time near the fire beacons beside the Great Wall, which were solidified together and were as strong as stones after thousands of years passing.
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