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Yardang National Geologic Park

  Situated 180 kilometers to the northwest of Dunhuang City, the Dunhuang Yardang National Geologic Park is the largest of Yardang Landform type found so far. The park stretches 25 km from north to south and about 2 km from east to west. It features the unique and wonderful scenes and landscapes of the desert. With its large scale and mature geological configuration, it has the highest value for enjoyment.
    This scenic zone is divided into two parts - the northern and the southern, extending for 25km long and 18km wide. The most magnificent view is that you can find the “miniature” for much world-famous architecture such as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Potala Palace in Tibet, the Arabian mosque, the pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, the relics of ancient Rome, the beacon towers, for example. It seems as an architectural art museum of the world and delivers many attractions and enjoyments to you. After the shooting of the movie named “Hero ”here, the spectacular views in this “Town of Demons ” have attracted thousands of visitors, and now it is another must-see scenic spot in Dunhuang. 
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