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Huaqing Hot Springs

 Huaqing Hot Spring is located at the foothill of Lishan("Mt. Li") in LinTong, about 35 kilometers east of Xian. It was enlarged into a bigger palace on the site of a stone pool, named Lishan Tang during the Tang Dynasty by the order of Emperor Tai Zong. It was then named “Huaqing Palace".
    This hot spring was destroyed at the end of the Tang Dynasty by the war. What we see today is only a small part of the original Huaqing Palace and is rebuilt on the site of the original Qing Dynasty structure. The Huaqing Hot Spring occupies an area of 85,560 square meters.
    Huanqing Hot Spring also witnessed the famous romance of emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Guifei. According to historical records, during the 10 years from 745 to 755, the emperor brought his concubine and his high-ranking officials to the Huaqing Palace in October, and only returned to his capital palace in the spring of each following year. During that period, all domestic and diplomatic affairs of state were handled at Huaqing Palace, which thus began to flourish as an important political center. However, in 755 two generals rose up against their emperor, bringing great damage to the whole country and especially to the capital and to Huaqing Palace, which declined from its former importance as temporary palace. Following the collapse of the Tang dynasty, Huaqing Palace lost its special status. After the foundation of new China, it has been rebuilt several times, and now after many years the ancient pool has recovered its charm and attracts more and more visitors annually. Walking through the East Gate, one first sees the Nine-Dragon Lake. The lake, which was also built in 1959, covers 5,300 sq meters (1.31 acres) and has been divided into two parts. There are modern fountains in the upper lake and sculpture of Yang Guifei in the lower one. Halls and pavilions around the lake are half-hidden in green trees and grass. Feishuang Hall, in which Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei lived from October to the end of the year, also lies beside the lake. The sites of imperial pools are preserved in the southern part of Huaqing Palace. There is a Lotus Pool (only Emperor Xuanzong could bathe in it), a Chinese Crabapple Pool (only for Yang Guifei), a Shangshi Pool (for dignitaries), a Star Pool (for former emperors) and a Prince Pool (for princes). After appreciating the imperial pools, visitors also can bathe in Huaqing Palace to enjoy the feeling of being royal. The Five-Room Hall was built during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and housed the Empress Dowager Cixi when she fled from Beijing during the occupancy of the Eight-Power Allied Force. The hall was also the residence of Chiang Kai-shek, the former leader of the CNP, when he visited Xian. The famous Xian Incidence also happened in the hall. Visitors even can see the holes in the glass which were caused by guns that night. By visiting the Huaqing Hot Spring, you will not only enjoy the scenery, but also taste the joy of imagining yourself back in the days of the Tang Dynasty
Entrance Fee: RMB 70
Opening Hours: 09:10 to 17:00
Bus Lines: 914 and Tourist Bus 5 at the East Square of Xian Railway Station
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