Traveling Silk Road is a journey through history that is very much alive today !
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Bell & Drum Tower

  Located in the northwest of Gansu province, Zhangye was an important commercial port on the ancient Silk Road and once had the status of present Shanghai. With the Heihe River flows through and sheltered by the Mt. Qilian and Mt. Longshou, the city is an oasis in the desert. All of these dowered Zhangye with rich historic sites and amazing natural sceneries.
    The largest nirvana Buddha in China is well preserved in the Giant Buddha Temple. Simply a finger of the Buddha can provide one a sound sleep on it and his ear is big enough for eight people to sit side by side.
    The Bell and Drum Tower in the city center was built in imitation of Xian's Bell Tower and is the biggest drum tower in the Hexi Corridor. Also called Zhenyuan Tower, this three-storey building is a traditional Chinese architecture with splendid cornice and fine carving. 
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