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Nature Wonders Along the Silk Road

China is located in east Eurasia and on the Pacific west coast. The great geographical differences and contrasts have made this land both dynamic and magnificence. Majestic mountains, desolates gobis and deserts, vibrant lakes, spectacular valleys and boundless grassland and wetlands. Almost all types of Natural scenery that along the silk road are very worth to be visited and enjoyed.
Here I would like to share you the wonders from Xi’an to Kashgar which is the silk road of China section.
Xi’an- Huashan Mountain is a painting springs to life.As the minibus ascends the winding road to Hua Shan, the jagged scenery unfolds like a captivating piece of Chinese calligraphic art. Whether you visit it in winter and summer, it’s always so pretty. The rocks capture your imagination. At some point, you will need both hands to cling onto railings for support. A pair of cotton gloves mighty be useful to keep blisters at bay. Pay attention to ypour surroundings as some places during the climb are rather narrow and dangerous.

Lanzhou: Huanghe River which is the mother river of China, you can access to the riverside and enjoy the night view of the Lanzhou city surrounded by the lake.

Zhangye: Danxia Mountain is the wonderland of red rocks when the best time to visit is the sunrise and sunset. Besides, the view is amazing after the rainfall.

Dunhuang: Yardan Geographical park and Cresent lake with Sand dune
Turpan: Flaming mountain
Urumqi: Heavenly Lake
Xinjiang: Narat Grassland, Kalajun Prairie, Bayinbuluk and Kanas Lake
Kuqa: Tianshan Great Canyon
Hotan: Taklamakan Desert
Kashgar: Karakul Lake and Muztagh Peak.

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