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Top Attractions Along The Silk Road

There are many beautiful travel destinations and historical sites along the silk road; here, we mapped out some well-known scenery that any foreigners traveling to the country are worth to visit. So Let's start to explore the most popular and mysterious trade route in the world.

Top Attractions Along the Silk Road:

Considered the most significant discoveries of the 20th century, the Terracotta Warriors have delighted millions of tourists at home and abroad. These soldier's figures are varied in facial expressions, clothing, hairstyles, and gestures; so are their horses, chariots, and weapons, which have provided abundant detailed evidence for the study of the history, culture, and economics of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.). 
Our Danish and Duch Group in Xi'an
Maijishan Grottoes are the most significant Buddhist cave complexes, along with the Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes, and Longmen Grottoes, respectively. It is also known as the famous "Oriental Sculpture Museum." When you are climbing on the cliff's overhanging trestle road, you can not only enjoy the Buddhist art, but also visit the surrounding landscape, and that is entirely worth to visit. 
After enjoying the Buddha Cave Complex in Majishan Grottoes, you are going to visit the Oriental Louvre in Dunhuang. Regarded as the most valuable cultural discovery of the 20th century, Mogao Grottoes is a shrine of Buddhist art treasures, which is likely the world's most precious treasure house of Buddhist sutras, murals, and sculptures.  
The desert meets the oasis in the most spectacular view, six kilometers south of Dunhuang at Singing Sands Dune ( Mingsha Mountain ). From the sheer scale of the dunes, it's easy to see how Dunhuang gained its name, "Town of Sand." The same area is the Shallow Spring fed Crescent Moon Lake, which forms an oasis at the edge of the desert. A peculiar natural phenomenon occurs when standing on top of the dune. If it's a windless day, a sound similar to a flute can be heard, but if many people are descending the dune at once, it becomes a thunderclap. 
Zhangye Danxia Landform is the most lovely nature attraction in Gansu. The colorful rainbow mountains, valleys, hills, and cliffs that ripple away towards the horizon. It is the most well-developed and the most frequented one among the three similar parks in the region. 
The temperature was shallow in the morning, but it won't affect my mood to visit the ancient fortress—Jiayuguan Pass is the best place to experience the liveliness and prosperity of the ancient Silk Road. There is a stone monument published in the Qing Dynasty more than a hundred meters outside the west gate of Jiayuguan.
As a born and bred in Xinjiang, it will have different experiences when I come to Tuyoq Village; it was a Muslim religious pilgrimage site. Just imagine how tough a nation can grow and flourish in such a difficult place. Although the remaining area of the Tuyoq Valley is not large; and the prosperity still can be seen from the Maza next to it, which is very worth to visit.
A picturesque natural alpine lake shaped like a half-moon, Heavenly Lake is surrounded by snow mountains with green spruce, like a sapphire falling from the sky, which has drawn tourists.
If it is not a personal experience, it may be difficult for you to imagine that the scene of livestock trading will be so spectacular. Kashgar Sunday Bazaar is the largest and most popular livestock market in Xinjiang, where tourists can see the goats and yaks are for sale. 
Outside the Bazaar, you will see many stalls at the entrance of the market; you can buy the local specialties, which is very authentic.

Kashgar Old Town is the soul of Kashgar, as the saying goes, You will never know the real Xinjiang if you've never been to Kashgar, and a journey to Kashgar is never complete without visiting Kashgar Old Town. Stroll in the narrow alleys you will be addicted to the Islamic building complexes and Uyghur Customs.
Note: Tourists can get a lot of information from the doors of the local houses. If two entries are open, it represents that the male host is at home. If only one door is free, it means only the hostess is at home. If a curtain hung over the front door, it means a guest is visiting this family.
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