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Speak of Xinjiang, Most people from the inland of China always focus on the vast desert, lack of water. They may think that we live in the yurt, riding horses are our major transportation, while today I would like to share the beautiful true Xinjiang with you. Here is Xinjiang, The splendid mountain ranges, mysterious deserts, vast pastureland, plentiful resources, authentic folklore of different minorities.

Urumqi is the capital city, where you can find the most significant overpass in China. It has become an important gateway in western China and a window for economic and cultural exchanges with foreign countries.

North Xinjiang is famous for the Kanas Lake and Narati Grassland. Yili (Guija) is the purest, well-known sites, kind people everywhere. The lavender field is as beautiful as the ones in Provence as they are situated on the same latitude. If you never been to the grassland, you will never know how beautiful the Narati prairie is, which is the biggest one in China. 

Kashgar, the trademark of the ancient silk road. Whenever you enter, you will always remember which is so attractive, charming; the kind-hearted Uighurs always open their door to entertain you with the delicious food and fruits. 

 Our Xinjiang people, no matter Han Chinese, Uighur, Hui, Mongolian, Tajik, Kazakhs, are so lovely like the pure snow of the Tianshan Mountain. We believe our beloved hometown has been already in a harmony situation, the different minorities love each other, show their kindness to each other.

My dearest friends, Welcome to Xinjiang, we will serve you the best local Xinjiang food for you, hand-made noodles, baked dumplings, pilaf. The best fruits, watermelon, grapes, apricot, fig, dates, nuts, apples, pears..... They are so sweet due to the excellent weather. 

Situated in the middle of Asia, Xinjiang is the meeting place of the great cultures of East and West, It is also a vital gateway to the Silk Road with glory history. There are 47 minorities. Every ethnic group has its own culture and folklore. Xinjiang is divided into north Xinjiang and south Xinjiang by majestic Tianshan Mountains. Generally speaking, North Xinjiang is famous for the significant natural landscape, such as Kanas Natural Reservation Park, vast grassland of Narat. It is delighted to adventure to the Taklamakan Desert in South Xinjiang, which is famous for the historical sites. Apart from that, you will be amazed by Kashgar, which is the westernmost city of China and the hidden treasures of Silk Road. Xinjiang is attracting numerous tourists from all over the world with its unique folklore, charming landscapes, and colorful tourism resources. As the local Travel Service based in Urumqi, we believe we are the best choice for you to arrange your Xinjiang holiday with the lowest price and elegant service.

We write you to thank the guides, drivers and you for the very good and professional work that we have enjoyed during our journey.We have discovered an beautiful and amazing part of China with incredibles ancient cultures, with very friendly people, with delicious food, with pretty landscapes………Read more Review by Jaume from Spain

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Xinjiang is very worth to be visited for the colorful folklore of different minorities, stunning landscape and unique culture.



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Xinjiang is very worth to be visited for the colorful folklore of different minorities, stunning landscape and unique culture.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Tianshan Grand Canyon

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The tourism resources in Xinjiang is plentiful,different aims of the tour style should be coordinate with different season.

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