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Cross the borders around Kashgar

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In recent years, as the most important passageway in ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang has become the focus in people’ s mind, because of the influence of “Belt and Road”. Xinjiang, not only have majestic scenery, cuisine, folklore with different style, but also have the largest area, the longest border line with a number of bordering countries and land port. Boarding 8 countries, with more than 5600 kilometers of long border line, there are more than a dozen external land ports. It is quite important for you to know the borders when you want to do the Xinjiang Overland Tours
Borders in Kashgar
Khunjerab port (China and Pakistan)  Opened from 1st April to 30th Nov)
As the highest altitude port, It is located in Tashkurgan County which is 420kms from Kashgar city. 
There are only 3 vehicles have the license to drive travelers to Sust Pakistan side from Taxkorgan county. You will have to book it the earlier the better.
While the good news is that the bus from Lahore to Taxkorgan launched from this Oct
Xinjiang Overland Tour to Pakistan
Irkestam Port and Torugart Border (China and Kyrgyzstan)
These Two borders crossing between Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang, China.
Which are the most popular borders for travelers to take the Great Silk Road Tour combined with Central Asia and China.
Opened (all the year around, but road might be blocked due to the snow)
Xinjiang Overland Tour to Kyrgyzstan

Karasu/Kulma Port(China and Tajikistan)
The Karasu port is the only road port between China and Tajikistan. Same as Khunjerab,it is on the Pamirs plateau. The port is located in Tajik County, Kashgar, near the 314 National Road at the foot of the Muztag Mountain, only 62 kilometers from the county seat. It is in the West Kunlun Mountains and also a plateau port with an altitude of 4050 meters.
It used to be closed to travelers and the good news is that the border opened this year to the travelers
Opened from 1st April to 30th Nov)
Takshken Border (China and Mongolia)
This border is located in Qinghe County Altai Prefecture which is about 650km from Urumqi. It is the largest transit border between China and Mongolia No reason why it is so popular for the bikers from other countries. Every year we have the enquiry of sending them with their bikes to the Taksken border from Urumqi by SUV cars.
If you are backpacker, you can take the public bus from Urumqi to Qinghe county and then change the bus to the border
Opened (from 1st April to 30th Dec)
Xinjiang Overland Tour to Mongolia.
Horgos Border (China and Kazakhstan)
This Border is about 670kms from Urumqi, you will visit Sayram Lake which is the largest mountain lake with highest altitude in Xinjiang, also called”the last tear of Atlantic”, Crossing Fruit Valley by the great bridge while enjoy the majestic mountains and scenic view of wild plants. The border is 35kms to Panfylof which is the nearest town to China, and 370kms for Almaty the capital of Kazakhstan.
Opened (all the year around)
Xinjiang Overland Tour to Kazakhstan
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