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Southern Xinjiang Adventure Tour Map
Day 1   Urumqi 

Today you will arrive in Urumqi by train or flight on your own and our professional guide or driver will wait for you at the arrival exit with the singage of your name. Upon arrival, be met and transfer you to the hotel and check in. You will have the rest of the day free to do a little exploration at your leisure.
Accommodation: In Urumqi

Day 2   Urumqi  Heavenly Lake (120kms, 1.5hrs driving)

After Breakfast, we will meet you at the hotel and then drive you to visit the Heavenly Lake, a picturesque Alpine lake, 2000m up in the Tianshan mountain range. Heavenly Lake is a long and narrow gourd-shaped moraine lake, 3400 meters long, about 1500 meters wide, 105 meters at the deepest point, with an average depth of 40 meters, covering an area of about 5.9 square kilometers. There are eight beautiful scenic spots in the lake scenic area.
After the exploration of the Heavenly Lake, we will drive back to Urumqi, and continue your journey at the Xinjiang regional museum to see archaeological treasures from the Silk Road and Xinjiang's minority cultures. Afterwards, you will have a chance to visit the Xinjiang International Bazaar, the largest bazaar in Urumqi. You'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and almost anything that you can imagine.
Accommodation: In Urumqi

Heavenly Lake   Xinjiang Regional Museum
                      Heavenly Lake                                                                                        Xinjiang Regional Museum

Day 3   Urumqi  Turpan   (200kms, 3hrs driving)

This morning we will drive about 3 hours to our next stop Turpan, the transportation hub linking the Central Plains with Central Asia, as well as southern Xinjiang with northern Xinjiang since ancient times. Here you will take about two hours to visit the Tuyoq Valley, This is a 12 km long primitive Uighur agricultural valley about 70 km from Turpan, with vineyards and fields in the northern and southern valleys and a narrow ravine that connects them. It is a Muslim religious pilgrimage site. After that, drive back to the city and we will take you to explore the Sugong Minaret, the largest Islamic minaret in China built in 1778. and have a visit in Karez Well, which is a special irrigation system in desert areas. And the last site we will viist for today is Jiaohe Ruins—with a history of 2,300 years lies between two rivers on a loess plateau atop a cliff of over 30m. It is one of the best preserved ruins of its ancient era in China, it was include in the World Heritage List on June 22, 2014. 
Accommodation: In Turpan

Sugong Minaret   Jiaohe Ruins
Sugong Minaret                                                                                                     Jiaohe Ruins

Day 4   Turpan  Korla      (381kms, 5-6 hrs driving)

Morning enjoy your breakfast time at the hotel and then we will drive in the deep of Tianshan Mountain to Korla, known as the City of Pears and the City of Petroleum. it is the important part of the ancient Silk Road and also the one of the birthplaces of Western Region culture. you will take a exploration at the Iron Gate upon arrival which was a very important pass in the ancient Silk Road. According to textual research, it was set up in Jin Dynasty. Because it is situated in a strategic point and difficult to access, the barrier is vividly called “Iron Gate Barrier”. and then Walking along the Peacock River after dinner to feel the local’s city life style. today you will stay in Korla and depart from Korla in next morning.
Accommodation: In Korla

Iron Gate   Peacock River
        Iron Gate                                                                                           Peacock River

Day 5   Korla  Kuqa   (350kms, 5-6hrs driving)

Today we will pick you up from the hotel and head to Kuqa with about 5 to 6 hours driving. Kuqa was also called Qiuci in ancient times, it had a long history of connections with the Central Plains kingdoms and had an important position in the political, military, economic and culture life. Our first stop in Kuqa will go to the Kizil Grottoes, as the one of the four grottoes in China, it is the oldest one, but many architectures and murals are in well preservation. here you will learn more about the culture and history of Buddhism and ancient Qiuci Kingdom. After the visit, you will be arranged to have a lunch and then tour begin from the Tianshan Great Canyon, which is the excellent geological park all over the world. It recorded the whole process of crustal movement in Xinjiang during the past 400 million years. Ending the visit to Tianshan Great Canyon, we will arrive at Kuqa and will explore the Kuqa Old Town,  say hello to the kids who are playing, give a smile to the senior man resting under the tree, taste the local cuisine, Kuqa Old Town will make you have an unforgettable memory.
Accommodation: In Kuqa

Kizil Grottoes   Tianshan Great Canyon
                 Kizil Grottoes                                                                                            Tianshan Great Canyon

Day 6   Kuqa  Minfeng     (657kms, 9-10hrs driving)

Today will be a long trip, but it is also an amazing day! After breakfast, we will depart from the hotel early and drive to Minfeng along the Taklamakan Desert Highway, It is the longest and earliest desert highway in the world that runs through the floating desert. It is also the center of the ancient Silk Road. For centuries, silk route traders plodded across the desert, taking many days to cross. but now the desert highway shortens the distance between Kuqa to Minfeng by several hundred kilometers, travel through the desert in just a few hours. here you can take a photo or have a break when parking on the road. 
Accommodation: In Minfeng

Taklamakan Desert Highway   Taklamakan Desert Highway
Taklamakan Desert Highway                                                                     Taklamakan Desert Highway

Day 7   Minfeng  Hotan    (300kms, 5-6hrs driving)

After a night of rest,  we will continue our journey to Hotan and take you to visit Malikawat Ruins, which is located on the western bank of the Yurung-kash River, 25 kilometers to the southwest of Khotan City, with a mountain on the west and the Kunlun Mountains on the south. Thereafter, to explore the Hotan Museum, has a floor space for exhibition of about 200 square meters. Besides wooden tablets, the main exhibition “Khotan Historical Relics Exhibition” displays potteries, wooden wares, textiles, sculptures and building components from ancient sites and tombs in Khotan area, totaling over 200 specimens. Among them the Kharosthi and Hotanese tablets, wool fabrics and various sculptures are of distinctive Khotan feature. 
Accommodation: In Hotan

Hotan Museum   Malikawat Ruins
Hotan Museum                                                                                               Malikawat Ruins

Day 8   Hotan  Yarkent  Kashgar     (505kms, 7hrs driving)

After breakfast, we will drive to the westernmost city of China--Kashgar, Kashgar is located in the southwestern edge of Xinjiang, you can explore the lifestyle of local ethnic. and you will have a chance to visit the Yarkent King Tomb when passing by Yarkent. The King tomb was buried the King of Yarkent Kingdom and their family from 1533, Exquisite patterns, architecture and history, these attract many people to visit.  After the visit, to explore the Yarkent Old Town, you will see the local lifestyle, enjoy your time and relax. then we will continue the journey to Kashgar.
Upon your arrival, we will escort you to check in your hotel and Have a good rest.
Accommodation: In Kashgar

Yarkent King Tomb   Yarkent Old Town
Yarkent King Tomb                                                                                      Yarkent Old Town

Day 9   Kashgar 

Morning enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, and then we will take the bus to Kashgar Old Town,  you will first see the cabaret performance in the old town around 10:00am every morning. afterwards, stroll around the Old Town, to explore the local lifestyle and unique architecture, most of the folk houses here all have a hundred years of history. then we are going to Idigar Mosque, the largest Mosque in China and most famous one in Xinjiang. and stroll around the Handicraft street, it gathered hundreds of handicraft workshops, Uygur hats, pottery, musical instrument, you can find everything what you want, which has become a boutique exhibition for handicraft in Kashgar and Central Asia.
In the afternoon, we will visit the Sunday Bazaar (livestock Market) with farmers and buyers arriving by donkey cart, truck, bicycle, horseback, motorbike or on foot, with their animals. It's loud, lively and cheerful as they arrive, eat breakfast, set up their animals and check out the action. thereafter, continue to visit the Apak Hoja Tomb, which is the holiest place in Xinjiang and an architectural treasure. It is said that the only Uygur concubine of Emperor Qian Long in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), Xiang Fei was buried here, so it was also named the Tomb of Xiang Fei.
Accommodation: In Kashgar

Old Town   Idigar Mosque
        Old Town                                                                                               Idigar Mosque

Day 10   Kashgar  Karakul Lake  Taxkorgan  (320kms, 6hrs driving)

This morning drive on the China and Pakistan highway and enjoy the Pamir landscape, we will travel to Taxkorgan, a strategic pass in the Pamirs through which the ancient Silk Road crosses. The Tajik nationality lives in here. then with a stop on the way to visit the Karakul Lake, which is the highest lake of the Pamirs plateau, In fine weather, silver peaks are reflected in blue water with landscapes of lakes and mountains integrated into a whole, and herds of livestock around the lakeside are reflected in lake and is extraordinarily graceful. where Kirghiz herdsmen usually settle down and graze their herds.  
Accommodation: In Tarkorgan

Karakul Lake   Karakul Lake
Karakul Lake                                                                                                    Karakul Lake

Day 11   TaxkorganKashgar

After breakfast, the tour will begin from the Stone Fortress it is one of three most famous stone cities in history. Surrounded by the grassland, snow mountains and rivers, it is a strategically important castle on the ancient Silk Road. Here you will see the temple, city wall and official office which built in Tang and Qing Dynasty. afterwards, walk around the local pasture to experience the lifestyle of Tajik and enjoy the scenery of Taxkorgan.
In the afternoon, drive back to Kashgar downtown along the beautiful scenery. then you will be transferred to the hotel and have a good rest.
Accommodation: In Kashgar

Stone Fortress   Taxkorgan
Stone Fortress                                                                                                     Taxkorgan

Day 12   Kashgar

After enjoying your breakfast, you will depart from Kashgar airport and back to your sweet home or the next destination. Welcome to visit the other places in Xinjiang next time.

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