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Muztagh Ata Trekking Suggestions

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As the most beautiful scenic spot on China-Pakistan Friendship Road (314 National Road). Muztagh peak is located at the junction of Aktao County and Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County, Xinjiang, at an elevation of 7509 meters.

Muztagh peak is a paradise of Mountaineering enthusiasts and photographers, every June to September is the best time to travel to Muztagh.

Mt. Muztagh means iceberg in Uighur language, the snow on the top of Mt. Mustagh forms a glacier all the year round and perennial snow cover, the top of the mountains are always shrouded in mist and cloud, this is one of the reasons that why many tourists and mountaineering enthusiasts yearn for this place. Every July numerous mountaineering enthusiasts come to conquer Mount Muztagh.

As the Biggest Xinjiang Travel agency, we are one of the licensed to arrange the climbing for adventurers. We have to apply the permit 30 days before your arrival.
If you want to challenge climbing, the best time is from the end of June to the beginning of Aug, according to personal fitness climbing time is 7-16 days.Mt. Muztagh is very steep. Besides choosing the best time, there are many things have to be prepared, such as physical training and so on.Here are some information and suggestion on acclimatization training for your reference. You may plan your duration based on your physical Strength

D 1 In the morning, prepare well for the adventures. Drive all the way from Kashgar to Idara (3100m) which is the closest to the Base Camp, we will stop for one night for adjusting the altitude.
D2 Trekking about 13kms (4hrs depends on your physical strength, while all the luggage loaded on the camels. Have a good rest when you arrive in the Muztagh Base camp (4400m).
D 3 Relax in Camp
D4 Have acclimatization training to adjust the altitude of ABC (5300M)
D5 Rest in the Base Camp
D6 Mountaineering to C1 (5600m)
D7 Mountaineering to C2 (6200M)
D8-D9 Finish the acclimatization training and relax can back to the nearest Taxkorgan county to have shower and have rest
D10 Relax in Camp and have acclimatization
D11 Mountaineering to C1 (5600m)
D12 Mountaineering to C2 (6200M)
D13 Mountaineering to C3 (6800M)
D14 Congratulations !Mountaineering to Top (7500M) and back to C2 rest
D15 Back to Base Camp, Your Muztagh Climbing succeed
D16 Welcome to Human Society today in Kashgar :)

Mt. Muztagh is majestic, pure and elegant, because of such beautiful legends, it is regarded as a symbol of pure love by the Tajik people.
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