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Is it safe to travel in Xinjiang

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First of all, Xinjiang is beautiful. Looking around the world, it's very difficult to find another province or city with 1.66 million square kilometers of desert, glacier, grassland, alpine, lake and other ecological resources, not to mention that the area of desert and the height of snow peak are the second in the world. Even the charm hidden in the mountains stretching for thousands of miles is enough to make you linger and forget to return.
Secondly, we are most concerned about security issues: Xinjiang is safe! Anyone who has doubts before coming to Xinjiang will change their minds after getting off the plane. When you sit on the bus and enjoy the bustling streets of Urumqi, when you eat lamb kebabs and drink beer in the May Eve Market, when you buy a variety of small commodities in the bustling international Bazaar, you will fall in love with the city.

Often tourists say to me, "I really like Urumqi, like the poplar forest in Kashgar Zepu, like the endless snow mountains, and i also like...". Xinjiang always has too much things to love, Xinjiang is using its swaying body to welcome friends from all over the world to know a real Xinjiang. It welcomes friends from far away with its latest fresh melons and fruits, the most melodious music and the most graceful dance.
When traveling to Xinjiang, China, we have heard that it is not very safe to travel in Xinjiang, and it is not friendly to the Han travelers. The most impressive thing is that when I was already in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, and was about to enter Xinjiang the next day, another Chinese backpacker chatted with me. As soon as he knew that my schedule after that was not only Urumqi and Northern Xinjiang, but also going deep into Southern Xinjiang, he showed a very frightened look and persuaded me to say, “If we don’t really need to go to Southern Xinjiang, we’d better not go!”

In fact, Xinjiang travel is absolutely safe, and this security is based on comparative "monitoring". And it really will be found that the further you are going towards Southern Xinjiang, the more casual check operated.
The security inspection in Xinjiang is very thorough. Apart from airports, passenger terminals and other transportation hubs, even hotels, snack shops and grocery stores need to pass the security inspection. Even at each bus stop, a policeman will be arranged to scan the backpacks of all passengers with an electronic detector
In fact, the status of foreigners is more troublesome in Xinjiang if you travel on your own, especially when staying in hotels when you not confirmed with them if they can accept foreigners
Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance and book hotels that can accommodate foreign guests when traveling freely in Xinjiang. And it is highly recommended to rent cars or travel with agency because it is very troublesome to travel on your own.Xinjiang China Travel promise you the very easy experience and great xinjiang holiday.

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“Travel is the way of life, everytime is a new fresh start”, i always believe a person can know himself better during travelling. No matter explore the nature, admire the art masterpiece or just wandering alone the foreign streets, sometimes we just need to escape. Bring your dreamy destinations, with us, your passion will be turned perfectly into the reality. 

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