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Is it safe to travel to Xinjiang

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Situated in northwest China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is where the famed Silk Road connected ancient China with the rest of the world. It is a place that, for centuries, has been home to diverse cultures and peoples. 

Is It Safe to Travel to Xinjiang?

Xinjiang, a land of 1.6 million square meters that boasts sublime landscapes, distinctive ethnic charms, and fascinating food culture, knows how to make an impression on visitors. This beautiful place has drawn millions of tourists from home and abroad over the years and is still on many travelers' bucket lists for mysterious adventures.
Some Tourists told me: "I like Urumqi, and Kashgar Old Town, the endless snow mountains, and the boundless prairie." Xinjiang is using its swaying body to welcome friends from all over the world to know a real Xinjiang. It welcomes friends from far away with its latest fresh melons and fruits, the most musical music, and the most graceful dance.
When we travel to Xinjiang, China, we have heard some nasty rumors, for instance, someone told me that it is not very safe to go to Xinjiang. However, the most impressive thing is that when I was already in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, and was about to enter Xinjiang the next day, another Chinese backpacker chatted with me. As soon as he knew that I'm going to take a panoramic tour in Xinjiang, he showed a terrified look and tried to persuade me, "If we don't need to go to Southern Xinjiang, we'd better not go!"

Why Is It Safe to Travel to Xingjiang?

Xinjiang is safe for three reasons:
1. In Xinjiang, every free home such as the shopping center, hotel, and scenic area are equipped with security. In and out of the street, there will be two or three police patrols every few hundred meters, so there is no need to worried about personal safety; even if you leave your wallet on the road, it won't lost in most cases, let alone theft. 
2. Xinjiang enjoys hard-won social stability, and it has no violent terrorist attacks that have occurred in the past three years, and people have a much higher sense of security, fulfillment, and happiness. In 2018, the number of tourists to Xinjiang exceeded 150 million, including 2.4 million foreign tourists. Tourists from home and abroad speak highly of Xinjiang's economic and social achievements, saying that Xinjiang is a beautiful and safe place. 
3. Xinjiang has a vast territory and abundant resources, with splendid natural scenery, profound cultural heritage, unique ethnic customs, and delicious food. It is a tourism destination with Chinese characteristics, deeply loved and yearned by tourists. In May and June, Xinjiang Kanas Ili grassland is full of mountains and flowers. In July and August and September, Xinjiang melons and fruits are fragrant, with beautiful scenery and comfortable temperatures. In October and November, Kanas in the Nothern Xinjiang and Populus euphratica forest in Southern Xinjiang will attract a large number of photography lovers. No matter which route, it will let visitors come back with fruitful results. Even if the journey is long, the scenery along the way will feast your eyes. Xinjiang, the most northwest of China, has infinite charm and unique advantages!

Is It Safe to Travel to Urumqi, Turpan, and Kashgar?

1. Urumqi: If you are still worried about Xinjiang's security, it's better to go to the Grand Bazaar's night market in Urumqi. During the peak season, a lot of tourists gathered in the Grand Bazaar Night Market, the daily average number of tourists has increased from 20,000 to more than 40,000. Meanwhile, you can also taste a variety of delicious food, including barbecue, Saute Spicy Chicken, and so on. As the largest bazaar in the world, it is called "the window of Xinjiang."
We all know that summer is the best time to enjoy the BBQ and drinking beer in the night market. After midnight, many tourists are still here to enjoy the nightlife outside at night, which shows that public security is good.
2. Turpan: For tourists to Xinjiang, these security procedures may be tedious. Still, it just reflects the safety factor of Xinjiang, and it is entirely reasonable in here when natives sleep at night without closing their doors. Tuyoq Village in Shanshan County, Turpan, is such a place. Because it is so safe, people never worry about safety problems when they sleep at night.
Tuyoq is an ancient Uyghur village located in the south exit valley of the Grand Canyon. It has a history of more than 1700 years and is the oldest Uyghur village in Xinjiang. This village ultimately retains the ancient Uighur tradition and folk customs, people often make it at sunrise and sunset. They use the old Uighur language to communicate with each other and still wear ethnic costumes.
There are many antique houses in the village. Some of them even open doors and windows all day, even without doors and windows. They open a design architecture pattern, and the things in the house are almost "bright." No matter how many tourists walk around the village, the local people never worry about losing items. People sleep outside at night, and their doors and windows are open. They never worry about stealing money or valuables. Maybe Turpan is dry with little rain, plus the hot weather; people sleep outside to keep cool. But according to the villagers, they don't close the door when they sleep. They sleep outside because of the excellent security and the safety of the environment. 
The Uyghur families that we met in the village are quite hospitable and friendly. From people's simple smile, we can see the public security environment of Tuyoq, even the whole Xinjiang.
3. Kashgar: In Kashgar, we can experience the traditional Uyghur customs and learn the history of the ancient silk road. The people here are amiable, and there is no danger in Kashgar as it is said.
In Uyghur language, Kashgar means "The Place of Jade." It is a western gateway in China that borders Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Kashgar has been an important trading center on the ancient Silk Road and is now a multi-ethnic region.
"You will never know the real Xinjiang if you've never been to Kashgar" Every summer, many tourists from all over the world gather in Kashgar to appreciate the profound cultural characteristics and rich western customs of the ancient city. However,  this ancient city has also been feared by the outside world because of terrorist incidents, which many tourists deter.
To attract more tourists, Kashgar has reinforced and renovated the traditional Uyghur houses in the old town based on maintaining the ethnic style and renovated the whole street. The government has also comprehensively improved the tourism service system, signage system, health facilities, transportation system, etc.
Walking around Kashgar Old Town, we can see the handicraft workshop was jingling, the traditional loom was buzzing, the earthenware pots still had a market, folk artists were playing and singing in the street, and tourists stopped to take photos.

Some Security Issues in Xinjiang:

1. Xinjiang's security level is the highest in the world; you need to take off your shoes for security checks at the airport. All the chargers, computers, mobile phones, camera batteries, camera backpacks, lenses, etc. need to be taken out to check separately. 
2. There will be many safety supervision stations on the national highway and high-speed kilometers. To enter the safety inspection station, you need to roll down the window, and the driver shows his / her certificate. Some safety supervision stations need the accompanying personnel to get off the train and go to the safety inspection area to brush their ID cards for verification.
3. All hotels and public places need identity comparison before entering, and the accompanying luggage must pass the security check.
4. There will be fixed-point security inspectors on the streets and intersections of any town. Moreover, you can also see the patrolmen on the road.
5. Every hotel and shopping mall will have professional security personnel.
6. It is necessary to know in advance and book hotels that can accommodate foreign guests when traveling freely in Xinjiang. And it is highly recommended to rent cars or visit with the agency because it is very troublesome to go on your own. Xinjiang China Travel promises you an effortless experience and a great Xinjiang holiday.

About the author - Juliana

“Travel is the way of life, everytime is a new fresh start”, i always believe a person can know himself better during travelling. No matter explore the nature, admire the art masterpiece or just wandering alone the foreign streets, sometimes we just need to escape. Bring your dreamy destinations, with us, your passion will be turned perfectly into the reality. 

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