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Xinjiang Travel tips

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Xinjiang Travel Tips
Xinjiang is a province has a vast territory,abundant resources, and a long history.Remains of ancient culture are found everywhere in Xinjiang. Attracting the numerous domestic and international tourists every year with its peculiar kop view, religions,folk customs and vast grassland.
Xinjiang have two hours time difference with Beijing time even we use Beijing time as official time. We are 2 hours backwards.

Here are some travel tips for your reference when you visit the top destinations in Xinjiang.
Heavenly lake (Temperature difference between the day and night)
Xinjiang, with typical dry climate on the mainland, has a large temperature difference between morning and evening. The local proverb says, "Wear leather jacket early and yarn at noon, eat watermelon around the stove". In Urumqi and its surrounding areas alone, there is a temperature difference of 12 - 15 degrees Celsius, while in Tianchi, 110 kilometers away from Urumqi and 1980 meters above sea level, the temperature difference is even greater, but none of these can prevent visitors from going to Tianchi to explore wonderful myths and legends...
Xinjiang China Travel suggestion: Tourists to Tianchi should take extra sweaters or coats to prevent excessive temperature difference and cold due to physical discomfort. Others should also be prepared for mountain reaction and fracture.
Note: if you are very sensitive to the Altitude of which 1980 in Tianchi, should not climb mountains or inform us in prior to prepare the oxygen bag for you.
Turpan (strong heat and typical dry)
Although there are many famous scenic spots such as Grape Valley,Flame Mountain,Jiaohe Ruins. I'm afraid the heat is the deepest memory left to tourists.
Turpan travel advice:drink the water as much as possible and prepare anti-ultraviolet products. Besides, we should also prevent heatstroke and nostril bleeding. Wear light-colored, long-sleeved clothes if possible,sunshade caps and sunglasses to prevent ultraviolet rays from tanning the skin, we also need to bring cool oil and other anti-heat medicines. When we return to the hotel, we should avoid facing the cold air directly from the air conditioner.
Note: Turpan is relatively dry in other places, which is easy to have heatsroke. It will be better to medicines for clearing away heat, relieving dizziness

Kashgar (Drink plenty of water to prevent diarrhea )
Kashgar is the best place for you to taste the typical Uighur flavor, while you are experience the unique folklore in the bazaar and night market.
Kashgar travel suggestion: You may not be accustomed to the local Muslim food which is comparatively oily, or suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort due to acclimatization. Kashgar is on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert with less rainfall. It is very important for you to drink more water. It's so great to enjoy the luscious fresh fruite, but don't drink hot tea or hot drinks immediately after eating fruit to avoid diarrhea.
Note: Prepare the tablets to avoid diarrhea in prior of your arrival
Kanas National Park (Long driving and prevent the Carsickness. Prepare winter coat)
It is 1100 kilometers to 1200 kilometers from Urumqi to Kanas, of which two days are basically sitting in the car to see the scenery along the way. The journey is easy to fatigue. And there are 1991steps to clime to the Kanas Fish Watching Pavilion.It is also the paradise for summer holiday due to the cold weather.
Kanas Travel advice: to prevent carsickness, the elderly and children and some people with poor physical fitness had better not climb mountains; bring your winter coat even in summer, otherwise you might got in the trouble of getting cold.The weather in the mountain changeable. Umbrella and raincoat are also highly suggested
Note: Take carsickness medicine before departure to prevent vertigo and vomiting when traveling by car or plane. Of course, cold drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs are necessary. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs are also indispensable during the journey.
Narati grassland ( Prevent urticaria and insect bites)
Yili is becoming the most popular destination for tourists for the vast grassland and rich Kazakh culture, especially Narati grassland and Kalajun Prairie
Grassland Travel advice: It is so amazing to ride the horse in the grassland, please pay more attention with the help and escorting of the herdsmen. Please do not sit or lie on the grass to rest,should wear long-sleeved clothes, trousers, stockings and high-end shoes to prevent the bites of the insect and the strings of Nettles
Note: Prepare ointment to prevent mosquito or insect bites.
1) For the domestic clients: please bring your ID card to Xinjiang, not passport.As Passport holders of Chinese have difficulties to check in hotel.
2) Highly recommend to travel with a reputable travel agency in Xinjiang for foreigners as some of places to be visited need special travel permit.
3) Borders in Xinjiang closed accordingly, please refer to our border suggestion.


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