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Best Time to Northern Xinjiang

Xinjiang as the largest provnice in China serving as a junction along the northern, middle and southern routes of the Silk Road, which is attracting the attention of domestic and foreign adventures with its unique custom and spendid natural landscape. as a tour operator, I realised that there is one question that every travlers always concern: when is the best time to visit Xinjiang.

However there are some specific time to visit different region of Xinjiang so that you will have the best tour. As a experienced tour operator, I would like to share my comments with my dearest friends. let me explain one by one :)

Kanas Lake: 25th May to 15th June, flowering season when you can enjoy the holiday in the world of colorful wild flower

15th Sept to 5th Oct, Golden yellow mountain put you in the world of fairy tales

Sarym Lake: 25th May to 15th June, flowering season when you can enjoy the holiday in the world of colorful wild flower and crystal blue lake.

Lavender field in Yili (Guljia): 25th June to 5th July.Appreciate and enjoy the beauty of Lavender

Naraty and Bayinbuluk: 25th May to 15th June, flowering season when you can enjoy the holiday in the world of colorful wild flower

25th Sept to 10th Oct: the perfect landscape with the pure view of the snow mountain.
Taklamkan Desert: 5th Oct to 20 Oct, when the weather is the most suitable for overnight in the desert and it is the best time to enjoy the beauty of diversifolo of  poplar

Turpan: 25th March to 10th April. the season when Apricot flowers to bloom and leaves to grow.

10th August to 5th Oct, when is the grape season. enjoy the delicious watermelon in the amazing grape trellies. how relax!!
Heavenly Lake: All the year around.but the most important thing is to avoid the crowded period,highly suggest to have a night in the local yurt by the side of the  lake so that you can  enjoy the peaceful world of yourself.

Kashgar: it is ok to visit Kashgar all the year around, even in winter time which is from November to March, the weather is not cold.still ok which is from -10 to 10DC. Kashgar is the tour destination for culture, history and folklore so that it is not that restrict to weather.

Inclusion: the best time to visit Northern Xinjiang is 25th May to 20th June. and 20th Sept to 10th Oct

the  best time to visit Southern Xinjiang is from 20th to 30th Oct.but still ok in other time.

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