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Xinjiang Tourist Cities & Region

Charms of Xinjiang
Xinjiang’s Topography is unique. There are snow-capped peaks. glaciers. lakes. Deserts, as well as scorched and barren stretches of land.The 47 ethnic groups living here have a rich legacy in architecture and cultural relics,not to mention their colorful costumes,traditional songs and ances, and a wide variety of local dishes
 Urumqi, -The Capital City of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region
Its name means “a beautiful pastureland,” Though a modern city today, the regional capital still has numerous scenic spots worth visiting: the Bogoda Peak and the forests in the Tianshan Mountains and the stunning landscapes on the edge of the Junggar Basin. It is the farthest city from any ocean in the world.Since Han Dynasty,the land has been guarded and cultivated.During Tang Dynasty,troops were stationed there and fortresses were built. It had become the northern passage of the Silk Road. Under hundreds of years’ construction and renovation, the original pasture has become a moder metropolis, with high-rise buildings,net-like roads and prosperous business.Urumqi is the political,economic,transportation and cultural center of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
Turpan,Hami- East Gate of Xinjiang Province
The flaming Mountain,the grape valley and the Karez wells are the major features that draw tourists to Turpan and Hami.The melons ad fruits produced in this area are also an irresistible attraction. overhead, the sun is shining tirelessly ad the air becomes scorching hot,while the heat creeops into the car, you feel dry and hot and begin to miss the air conditioning of the modern metropolis. Located at the crossroads of Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway and Gansu-Xinjiang Highway, Hami is the most important northern passage to the Silk Road.Thus it is called the “East Gate of Xinjiang,”
Southern Xinjiang-The center of Silk Road Culture
  The vast area between the Tianshan Mountains and the Kunlun Mountains is southern Xinjiang. The southern and central routes of the Silk Road run across it.There also lies the second largest shifting desert in the world,the Taklimakan desert. Since the Han and Tang dynasty, many people from European ad Asian countries had travelled past the places between Rime and Chang’an, which is the south route of the Silk Road. Many historical relics in the region are still preserved.Here you can enjoy the unique ethnic customs,old tales and relics. Tourist from home and abroad keep pouring into southern Xinjiang, a place of fantastic desert,rich cultural relics,valuable resources and colorful customs.
Northern Xinjiang- Paradise for Photographer
 Northern Xinjiang, where the ethnic minorities,such as Kazaks,Mongolian and Xibe, live in compact communities, has a very strong appeal for tourist. It is worth enjoying the scenery of the luxuriantly green forests, the boundless prairies, the beauty of lakes and mountains and many nature reserves. Traveling along this route, you can enter the Altay Mountain in the north, stride over Ertix River and Ulungur River. You can see the primitive natural landscape and rough and wild desert.Nomatter when you go to northern Xinjiang,especially to Kanas, you should bring sunscreen, moisture-reservation sticks,skin-protection lotion,Sun hat etc.
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