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Mysterious Gannan Tibetan Travel Advice

Speak of Gansu, the first thing you think of is Dunhuang and Jiayuguan. In fact, there are also Tibetan landscapes of the Sacred Lake Lama Temple in Xueshan, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The long Yellow River, vast grasslands and every scene are haunting people. A glance at nine colors of Gannan, life is enough....[Details]


How to Select Your Transportation to Gansu

Interested in Gansu Tour, Xinjiang China Travel Gansu office are happy to guide you. First you have to know about the transplantation. If you go to Lanzhou, Dunhuang or Jiayuguan, you can take a plane. Of course, some people will choose to make some airport buses or taxis to arrive at the airport....[Details]


Why Visit Gansu in Winter

Welcome to Gansu in Winter. You will be realized you are in your own garden every spots. Enjoy the break down price and unique experience of the Wild West China. Besides, government also hold kinds of culture activities which can not be enjoyed in tourism season for attracting people. Since November 1, every year, Mogao Grottoes ushered in the best tourist season. There were no crowds in summer, no...[Details]


Must Know About Gansu

Gansu is situated in the intersection zone of the three plateaus: the Loess Plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Inner Mongolia Plateau. The terrain of Gansu is complex, the mountains crisscross, and the altitude varies greatly. It is a mountainous plateau landform with alpine, basin, Pingchuan, desert and Gobi. ...[Details]


Destinations and Top Attractions in Gansu

Gansu's rich and diverse tourism resources, experience Gansu, you also experience most of China. Among many tourist attractions in Gansu Province, ten scenic spots are compulsory items for Gansu tourism, because they all represent the top of a certain type of tourism. Here are some Gansu Tour Packages for your reference to plan your own Gansu Tour. Let’s Plan It! ...[Details]


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Gansu Minorities

In this magical land of Gansu, from primitive forests to Gannan grasslands, from Qilian Mountains to Gobi Oasis, from the shore of the Yellow River to the loess high slope, there are many nationalities such as Han, Hui, Tibet, Dongxiang, Tu, Manchu, Yugu, Baoan, Mongolia, Sarah, Kazakhstan, among which Yugu, Baoan and Dongxiang are the unique nationalities of Gansu. ...[Details]


Gansu Travel FAQ

Is it good to Dunhuang from Jan to March? Scenery from Jan to March is not greatly affected by the season, Gansu tourism focuses on grotto culture, history and culture as well as mountain scenery. Many scenic spots in off-season tourism are half-fare policy, and hotel accommodation will be nearly half cheaper than in peak season. So from an economic point of view, winter tour to Gansu is still ver...[Details]


Gansu Travel Tips

Welcome to Gansu,Destination of Silk Road, Hexi Corridor. The useful travel advice will be useful for you to plan your Gansu Tour. Let’s plan your Gansu tour with us, a remember-able holiday is waiting for you! ...[Details]


Our Selected Hotel in Gansu

► Tianshui Hotel Hualian Hotel Emperor International Hotel Fortune Sunshine Hotel ► Lanzhou Hotel Ruida Hotel Legend Hotel Crowne Plaza Hotel ► Xiahe Hotel Baoma Hotel Labuleng Civil Aviation Hotel Nirvana Hotel ► Wuwei Hotel Wuwei Hotel Ruiyi International Hotel Yunxiang International Hotel ► Zhangye Hotel Lufeng Holiday Hotel Tianyu International Hotel Zhangye Hotel ► Jiayuguan Hotel...[Details]

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