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Self Drive Travel Tips

Self driving Journey in China not only requires a huge efforts on preparation on paper work before you come, but also other important information need to know when your arrival

  DL or TDL are request to keep with your body while driving.
You must buy Automobile Liability Insurance for your vehicle.

You must driving in certain area and route which marked in "Temporary Vehicle Plate and Driving Permit"

Obey China's traffic laws and regulations.The traffic is very heavy in the central China, you may drive excellently, but you don't know the Chinese drivers in their car. they may just get their driving license, besides, Chinese still need more time to follow the traffic rules.

Usually passengers car as "C" and "Z" driving class.

You can't drive with an "International Driver License" in China. the temperary driving license required.

In mainland China the traffic drives on the Right-hand side of the road.

Road system as: A, City road; B, G-level road (National road, Guodao, most highways); C, S-level road (Provincial road, Shengdao); X-level road (County road, Xiandao); T-level road (Town & village road, as well as farm road).

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