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Document Procedure

Being a leading agent in operating the China self driving Tour, we are very experienced in providing you the service of paper work. There are several department involved in issue the Travel Permit

Traveling with your own car across two or more than 2 provinces in China
1, First we have to hold all the necessary info to apply in the Local Tourism Burea (for example, we will apply in Xinjiang Toursim burea). about 5 working day. they will give us 8 applications to get stamp from below department 
* We email the 3 applications to Beijing which is the Central government Tourism Burea located.

* After Beijing Tourism burea receive our applications, which will be submited to Central Military Center, and Administration center

* About 40-60 days we will get the Permit from Central government. and then we start to apply the local permit

* First stop is Foreign affair department

* Second is the local military center

* Third is the police station

* Check point:  in charge of permitting passenger for entry and exit

* Custom: in charge of permitting the goods for entry and exit.

* Inspection and quarantine office: in charge of permitting inspection and quarantine for passenger and goods

So provide your file as exhaustive as you can. And you should confirm your file is absolute accurate. Otherwise you would be stopped and we would be fined for some unnecessary mistakes in your own file, when you enter and exit China.

 While, if you just drive in One province, for example, you enter into China from Horgos border in Xinjiang and exit China from Torugart border in Kashgar, while means you only drive in Xinjiang Province, then we just need to apply the permit in Xinjiang. we can skip the steps of Central goverment

If you traveling your own car in Tibet, besides all the above procedure, you also need to apply the Tibet Travel permit.

Thus, If your routes covers two or more provinces, you need to find a suitable travel agency  to help you get the travel permit four months ahead of your arriving date of China. if your route  is only in Xinjiang, 40days will be ok for us to finish all the paper work

                                                  Documents issued China
Our nice guide will meet you at the border and clear up the custom issue, and then you will head to local Vehicle Administration center. there are other documents will be issued or already issued before you arrive
* Chinese driving license

* Plate on the vehicle

* The permits (permissions for entry)

* Technical Inspection

* Insurance

* Radio stations
 If you plan to use the radio stations on the route and want to get them into China, then you need to get special permission for their import and use. To obtain such permission, you must provide all the technical information about the radio stations.

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