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Rules and Polices

Expedition with your own car through China require you to follow the rules or policies of this Amazing country

Travel with your own car need to find a reliable and experienced International Travel Agency (CITIC TRAVEL) to deal with all the document work and permits

 ► Your self driving tour to China must be escorted by a Chinese Licensed guide (English, German, Russian, French ect as you required) through out the itinerary, so please make sure there is a seat available for our tour guide

We have to sumbit the fixed itinerary with date when we apply the travel permit. thus you have to followed the itinerary extensively, which means you can't go to the places which is not listed in the itinerary, otherwise the result will be very serious. both you and our travel agency will be punished.

According to the Requirements of the Tourism Burea, There are at least two cars in one group can apply the travel permit. thus, if you travel alone, you'd better find a travel buddies, or we can find a companion for you too

 ► Giving a deposit to the custom which you enter into is required. the amount of the deposit willl be depends on the value of the vehicle, the year of manufacture, while the deposit could be totally refund after you leave China without any illegal action. 

 ► If you organize the self drive tour on your side with several travel partners, please note that the vehicles can't seperate during the tour. all of you must follow the fixed itinerary

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