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Enter/Exit Borders

         Ports Opened for Self driving tour to China (land/sea)
China has international ports with 14 countries and The following are the major ports which could be used for self driving tour to China

  Land Port of Entering in to China

* Enter/Exit China from the Border in Xinjiang                                                                       

1, Horgus Border (China-Kazakhstan)

2, Torugart Border (China-Kyrgyzstan)

3, Irkestam Border  (China-Kyrgyzstan)

4,Takshkent Border (China-Mongolia)

5, Kunjirap Border (China-Pakistan)
6, Laoyemiao Border (China-Mongolia)

* Enter/Exit China from the border in Inner Mongolia

1, Erenhot (China-Mongolia)

2, Manzhouli (China-Russia)

* Enter/Exit China from the border in Tibet

1 Zhangmu Border (China-Nepal)

* Enter/Exit China from the border in Yunnan

1, Mohan of Mengla (China-Laos)

2, Ruili Border (China-Myanmar)

3, Hekou Border (China-Vietnam

* Enter/Exit China from the border in Guangxi

1, Dongxing Border (China-Vietnam)

2, Youyiguan Border (China-Vietnam)

* Enter/Exit China from the border in Guangzhou

1, Luohu Border of Shenzhou (Guangzhou-Hong Kong) 

 Marin Ports:  Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen

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