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Gansu Travel Tips

Welcome to Gansu - Destination of Silk Road, Hexi Corridor.
The useful travel advice will be useful for you to plan your Gansu Tour. Thanks very much for sharing your friends who would like to travel to this part of China.

1) Gansu is located in the northwest inland of China. The temperature difference between day and night is large. Tourists must pay attention to carrying cold-proof clothes. They should take coats and sweaters to travel in order to avoid catching cold.

2) Gansu has a high altitude, strong ultraviolet radiation and dry climate. Tourists need to prepare adequate sunscreen products, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, sun hat and other sunscreen products.

3) Gansu is dry in the daytime. Tourists need to take kettles with them to drink more water or eat more fruits. There are many kinds of fruits in Gansu, which are sweet and delicious, but they should not eat too much to avoid stomach discomfort.

4) Northwest Gansu Province has a high altitude. Although it is not as high as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the first arrivals tend to have slight altitude reactions, such as headache, dizziness and loss of appetite, which are normal phenomena. You don't have to panic, just drink more water, rest and avoid strenuous exercise.

5) Gansu is one of the backward areas in our country. The conditions of catering and lodging are not as good as those of the developed eastern areas. Moreover, the dietary habits and living habits are influenced by ethnic minorities, and the Hui flavor is obvious. In Gansu, pasta and beef and mutton are the main components of the diet. Tourist friends should try their best to adapt and do as the Romans do.

6) Due to the vast area of Northwest China and the time lag between the eastern and Eastern regions, there are many and scattered scenic spots. Tourists and friends should pay attention to regulation. Carsick tourists should take carsick medicine, otherwise the journey will be very hard and tired.

7) Going to Gansu is bound to Dunhuang, and to Dunhuang is bound to Mogao Grottoes. In Mogao Grottoes, the light is dim. Tourists should not forget to carry flashlights. When climbing grottoes, they should not forget to wear comfortable climbing shoes, so that the journey will be more convenient and safer.

8) There are a large number of Hui compatriots living in Gansu Province. Islam is prevalent. Tourists should pay attention to the taboos of local people's lives. Don't argue with others about trifles, it will only affect your traveling mood.

In most parts of Northwest China, people who believe in Islam do not eat pork, which is the biggest taboo in their lives and must not be offended.

Altitude stress
Gansu as a whole is not very high, let's talk about it for local reasons. In Lanzhou Tianshui and other cities, there will be no plateau reaction. If you go to Gannan Tibetan area, or Qilian Mountain area, maybe some people will have a certain plateau reaction. For example, dizziness, headache, general weakness, insomnia and so on, slight high reaction symptoms will generally disappear within 1-2 days with the body's adaptation to altitude. In response to the high altitude response, we have the following suggestions:

1) Prohibit smoking and alcohol before travel, avoid fatigue, and take preventive drugs such as Rhodiola in advance. It is not appropriate to go to high altitude area during cold period, which can easily lead to pulmonary edema.

2) Without physical exercise, eat more vegetables and fruits and drink more water to ensure sleep and relax.

3) Mild altitude reaction will gradually heal with the body's adaptation to altitude, so don't take oxygen easily, so as not to create dependence on oxygen cylinders, can take altitude safety or American ginseng and other drugs to alleviate.

4) Avoid running, galloping and jumping when passing through high elevation sections.

Let’s plan your Gansu tour with us, a remember-able holiday is waiting for you! 
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