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Destinations and Top Attractions in Gansu

Gansu was named the best place to travel in Asia in 2017 by Lonely Planet. When it comes to tourism in Gansu, people may first think of the snowy mountains and the prosperous and magnificent Silk Road. However, in Gansu, their tourism experience is far more than that. The diversity of Gansu's tourism experience and the richness of tourism resources can be regarded as the top in the northwest and even in the whole country: there are reckless adjacent buildings, seven-color glorious Danxia landforms, lush forests, and long-lasting scenic spots and historic sites... Whether it is natural landscape or cultural attractions, whether it is artistic achievements or folk characteristics, or geographical wonders and red tourist attractions, Gansu tourism is amazing.

The Treasure of Buddhist Art in Gansu Tourism: Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang
When it comes to Gansu tourism, we have to talk about Dunhuang. When it comes to Dunhuang, we have to mention Mogao Grottoes. Mogao Grottoes in Gansu are far superior to other Grottoes in terms of scale, quantity and artistic achievements. They are the first grotto culture in China. After seven dynasties'construction and cultural accumulation, they merge murals, clay paintings, cave buildings and other artistic forms. This evolvement comes from time and artistic practice. The incomparable beauty of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang. Whether Buddhist believers or pure art lovers, or even simple group tourists, are all shocked by this profound historical accumulation.

The Desert Miracle -Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring in Dunhuang
Gansu's tourist attractions have always been famous for their variety and strange scenery. There are beautiful mountains like Kongtong Mountain, strong and desolate Jiayuguan Pass, and twin sisters like Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring. Mingsha Mountain Crescent Crescent Spring is located in the desert five kilometers south of Dunhuang City. It has been known for thousands of years as "the first spring of desert", and the interdependent Mingsha Mountain can make more buzzing sound. Elegant Crescent Spring and rough desert blend with each other. During the interweaving of peculiar natural phenomena, Gansu's unique desert spectacle was formed.

Jiayuguan Fort in Jiayuguan
Viewing the great wall, Xiongqi had to go to Jiayuguan, the "No. 1 Xiongguan in the world" in Gansu Province. Jiayuguan City Wall runs across the desert and the Great Wall hangs over the Heishan Mountains in the north. Jiayuguan building is magnificent and magnificent. It is desolate and magnificent outside the Pass. When you climb the Pass wall, you will wander in the long river of history and listen to the past battles in the sand field and the North wind. The world is magnificent and the view of Jiayuguan is over.

Matis Temple in Zhangye
The grottoes of the Matis Temple are scattered. The grottoes are composed of Shengguo Temple, Puguang Temple, Thousand Buddha Cave, Jinta Temple, Shang, Zhong and Xia Guanyin Cave. There are more than 70 cave niches, which were built in Beiliang. The unique features of Ma Ti Temple Grottoes are that there are more than 500 cliff pagoda Grottoes in Qianfo Cave, which are huge in scale; the large meat carvings in Jinta Temple are simple and elegant, which are the only ones in China; the 33-day caves in Puguang Temple, with 21 caves on the upper and lower five floors, are arranged in pagodas pagodas, with Buddhist halls inside and corridors outside, and there are many inside and outside caves with unique shapes.

Danxia Landscape in Zhangye
Danxia landform, characterized by steep cliff slopes, is widely distributed in China, including Yunnan, Qinghai, Guizhou, Sichuan and Fujian. However, it is well known that the Danxia landform in Zhangye, Gansu Province is undoubtedly the most beautiful color in China. Danxia landform in Zhangye, Gansu Province, is well known for its rich shape, huge area and diverse colors. Its long-term view is magnificent and gorgeous, and its rough and strange atmosphere is magnificent. During its stay, it seems as if it is in vain to read a picture scroll with changeable techniques and excellent colors and travel to Gansu instead of Danxia.

Kongtong Mountain, the first Taoist mountain in Pingliang
Kongtong Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in Northwest China and the first resort of Taoism. Its beautiful scenery is no less than that of Huangshan Mountain in Anhui and Emei Mountain in Sichuan. Kongtong Mountain has both natural scenery and the essence of history and culture. It has become a famous Taoist mountain in Northwest China and even in the whole country. Kongtong Mountain also has the features of Danxia landform, which is the first among all kinds of famous mountains in the country. It can be said that traveling through Kongtong will not make many mountains and rivers go. It is worth mentioning that Tianshui Maiji Mountain, which is famous for Buddhist culture, is also in Gansu, and friends with time can do so. One view.

Labrang Temple, the "World Tibetan Academy" in Xiahe
Labrang Temple is located in Gannan region, where Tibetan culture is strong. Labrang Temple and Zhepengbang Temple, Sala Temple, Gandan Temple, Zashlunbu Temple and Tar Temple in Qinghai are the six major monasteries of China-religion Gru Sect (Yellow Sect). It is also known as the "world Tibetan Academy" because of the best teaching system of Tibetan Buddhism in China. Labrang Temple has a very rich collection of Buddhist statues, ancient books, murals, seals and other cultural relics. Visitors can not only feel the rugged, vigorous and deliberate buildings in the temple, but also see many Buddhist cultural sites.

Gannan Grassland: A Playful "Paradise Peach Source" in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Speaking of Labrang Temple, we have to mention Gannan grassland. Gannan grassland tourism is also a must-go project for Gansu tourism. Gannan grassland is the largest ecological wetland in the first meander of the Yellow River, in which the precious animal and plant resources are abundant; Tibetan folk customs and religious festivals are diverse, while the Yellow River and the Gahai Lake mosaic period, and the entire grassland formed a very unique grassland scenic spot, in Gannan grassland tourism, not only can in-depth experience the local strong folk customs, religious culture, but also can have a glimpse of the vast and magnificent grassland scenery.

Gansu Museum : The National Treasure Exhibition Hall in Lanzhou
Even in order to see Ma Ta Feiyan, one of the most valuable cultural relics in our country, Gansu Museum is one of the scenic spots that Gansu tourism has to go to, and Ma Ta Feiyan has been identified as the tourism symbol of China by the National Tourism Administration. And such treasures as Etiquette, Dayun Temple's Five-fold Sari Letter and Eastern Rome's Gold and Silver Plate are also widely concerned by historical and cultural enthusiasts because of their unique cultural value and historical precipitation. If you enter the Gansu Museum, you will be able to experience the evolution and cultural inheritance of Northwest China in the whole history!

Binglins Temple in Lanzhou
Located in Xiaojishishan, 35 kilometers southwest of Yongjing County, Linxia, Gansu Province. From Lanzhou to Liujiaxia Hydropower Station Dam for 75 kilometers by bus, through 54 kilometers of vast plateau Pinghu, turn west into the gorge, through the sister peak, you can reach. Bingling Temple was first called "Tangshu Grottoes", which means "ghost grottoes" in the Qiang language. Later history has the name of Longxing Temple and Lingyan Temple. After the Yongle Year of the Ming Dynasty, it was transliterated into Tibetan as "100,000 Buddhas" and named as "Bingling Temple" or "Bingling Temple". Bingling Temple was called Longxing Temple in Tang Dynasty and Lingyan Temple in Song Dynasty. It was first built in the period of 16 Kingdoms.
Bingling Temple was founded in the Western Qin Dynasty. It has been expanded in the Northern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. It has a history of more than 1600 years.

Gansu's rich and diverse tourism resources, experience Gansu, you also experience most of China. Among many tourist attractions in Gansu Province, ten scenic spots are compulsory items for Gansu tourism, because they all represent the top of a certain type of tourism. Here are some Gansu Tour Packages for your reference to plan your own Gansu Tour. Let’s Plan It! 
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