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Gansu Minorities

In this magical land of Gansu, from primitive forests to Gannan grasslands, from Qilian Mountains to Gobi Oasis, from the shore of the Yellow River to the loess high slope, there are many nationalities such as Han, Hui, Tibet, Dongxiang, Tu, Manchu, Yugu, Baoan, Mongolia, Sarah, Kazakhstan, among which Yugu, Baoan and Dongxiang are the unique nationalities of Gansu. With its distinct and rich national customs, religious culture, profound connotation and different forms of expression, each nationality fully demonstrates the unique life style of the people of all ethnic groups in Longyuan, which preserves the traditional cultural customs.

Yugur  -Nomadic Ethnic group on the Grassland
Yugur people, one of the Huihe descendants, believe in Tibetan Buddhism, are distributed in Sunan Yugur Autonomous County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province. Because Sunan is located in the northern foot of Qilian Mountains, with vast grassland and excellent grassland quality, the Yugur people's theme is animal husbandry as the main mode of production. Yugur people call themselves "Yao Yuer" and "Xila Yugur". Historically, it has been called "Huangfan", "Huangtou Uighur", "Saliwur", "Saliwur" and so on. In 1953, with the consent of the masses, Yugu, which is similar to Yao Yu'er's pronunciation, was chosen as the name of its own nation.

Baoan -legend of waist knife
Baoan nationality is one of the unique minorities in Gansu Province. It mainly lives in Dongxiang Sala Autonomous County of Baoan nationality in Jishishan. It has its own national language and belongs to Mongolian language family of Altai language family.
The three characteristics of this nation are knives, brick doors and flowers, which symbolize the wisdom and decisiveness of the nation. Brick doors are the embodiment of the nation's love for life, and flowers are the recitation of the nation's love for life.

Dongxiang -Hospitable People
Dongxiang ethnic group is one of the unique minorities in Gansu Province. They mainly live in Linxia prefecture. They have their own language. They belong to the Altaic Mongolian language family. They generally believe in Islam, food, housing, customs and habits. They are basically similar to the nearby Hui ethnic group. They are a hospitable people. They usually entertain guests with oil fragrance, chicken dolls and sheep. They also like flowers very much. Not only can everyone sing, but everyone knows how to make them up.

Tibetan- Ethnic Group in the Fairyland
Tibetans mainly live in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the eastern and middle parts of Qilian Mountain in Hexi Corridor. The Tibetan people are enthusiastic, cheerful, bold and unrestrained. They usually live freely with singing and dancing as companions. The content of Tibetan folk culture is rich, and its cultural relics are colorful. Every dress, diet, living room, wedding and funeral, Festival Entertainment and so on, all deduce the rich process of historical and cultural change and sublimation of Tibetan.
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