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Gansu Travel FAQ

Is it good to Dunhuang from Jan to March?
Scenery from Jan to March is not greatly affected by the season, Gansu tourism focuses on grotto culture, history and culture as well as mountain scenery. Many scenic spots in off-season tourism are half-fare policy, and hotel accommodation will be nearly half cheaper than in peak season. So from an economic point of view, winter tour to Gansu is still very cost-effective.there is no need to queue crowded, a feeling of solo enjoyment.

Could you please share me some advice of travelling to Pingshanhu?
This Grand Canyon, with its colorful hills and palace-like Danxia landform, has been praised by China Geographic magazine as "comparable to Zhangjiajie" and "comparable to the Grand Canyon of Colorado". It's not as well known as the colorful Danxia, but it has the magnificent scenery and all kinds of novel experiences
1) The ladder is long, and some places need to touch the hard stone wall by hand, so climbing the ladder is to wear gloves properly.
2) Tourists with heart disease and hypertension are not advised to go down to the bottom of the valley, which is more dangerous.
3) Visiting the canyon is more physically demanding. There are no shops at the bottom of the canyon. It is suggested that you bring your own snacks and water first.

Does Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center need to apply the travel permit in advance?
Sorry, inbound travelers are forbidden to go and no permit can be issued.

What is the best season to Gansu
It is suggested that the peak travel should be staggered from July to August each year. If you look at the landscape, you can choose March to June or September to Nov. These two spring and autumn seasons have good scenery and comfortable climatic conditions. Because there is no peak season, the overall cost will be much lower. While please do remember May, June and Sept are the peak season of inbound tourism, if you want to have good experience with excellent guide, please book your tour the earlier the better in these 3months.

What is the best festival worth to visit in Gannan Tibetan area
Every year on the thirteenth day of the first lunar month, there is a large-scale Liangfo Festival in Gannan Tibetan Region. On that day, the Tibetan people dressed in festival dress, went to the local monastery early in the morning to prepare to sun the Buddha, and worshipped the Buddha statues when they sun the Buddha. Legend has it that no matter whether the day is windy or rainy, as long as the Buddha is sun-dried, it will rain and clear up. This is the most anticipated and magnificent festival of the Tibetan people in Gannan. It is also a visual feast related to belief and life.

How to book Mogao Grottoes
Mogao Grottoes implements the online real-name booking system. The online booking tickets are limited to 6000 tickets per day. Tourists can buy tickets on the official website of Mogao Grottoes 30 days in advance. We always book Mogao Grottoes for clients once they book the tour with us.
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