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Why Visit Gansu in Winter

Welcome to Gansu in Winter. You will be realized you are in your own garden every spots. Enjoy the break down price and unique experience of the Wild West China. Besides, government also hold kinds of culture activities which can not be enjoyed in tourism season for attracting people.

Since November 1, every year, Mogao Grottoes ushered in the best tourist season. There were no crowds in summer, nor the annoyance and unhappiness of waiting in line. In winter and spring, the entrance tickets of Mogao Grottoes are half-price concessions. The contents of the tour are added to 8 Grottoes in peak season by 4 grottoes, and 12 Grottoes can be visited. However, after all, winter is cold, in order to give tourists the best travel experience, it is necessary to give tourists different feelings.
Not long ago, the Dunhuang Research Institute launched the New Year's Ceremony of "Protecting Dunhuang". Including hollow leaves, guard cards, bookmarks, Spring Festival couplets, lucky characters, calendar, New Year pictures and other exquisite gifts. Dunhuang Rock Colors are reappeared with special paper for the New Year's Ceremony. The Spring Festival couplets are also a collection of Dunhuang feelings. This limited number of 2000 New Year's Ceremony offers visitors good wishes for the New Year with unique Dunhuang temperament.
According to the Dunhuang Research Institute, this "Dunhuang Guardian" New Year's Ceremony records the humanity, memory and life of Mogao Grottoes for thousands of years. It is of great commemorative significance to present it to friends as a companion gift for the New Year. The Dunhuang charm of accompanying ritual design and manufacture will surely make people who receive the gift yearn for Dunhuang.
"The integration of Dunhuang culture into tourism commodity research and development by Dunhuang Research Institute is a breakthrough and innovation. Through innovation, combining ancient civilization with modern science and technology, more and more cultural products with Gansu characteristics take off their old clothes and wear fashionable new clothes. This not only retains the guests, but also lets them take away their feelings, which is very helpful to the promotion of secondary consumption in winter tourism market.

The winter solstice has passed (22nd Dec), and the atmosphere of midwinter is getting stronger and stronger. Since the "Harvest and Gansu Tour" event was held in Beijing, the winter tourism curtain in Gansu has gradually opened. With the corresponding preferential policies launched by the tourism department, the operators of scenic spots frequently recruit, so that Gansu winter tourism gradually into a good situation.
Special Products Make Winter Tour Brilliant

On December 22, the Dunhuang Cultural Expo Ice and Snow Festival, which has been held for three consecutive years, opened at the Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. "Fireline impact, happy karting, snow football, ice bowling, did not expect to just arrive in Dunhuang can have a happy play, give me a good start to Dunhuang travel." Ms. Wei, who is traveling in Dunhuang, said.

Dunhuang Wenbo Ice and Snow Festival is a winter ice and snow recreational activity created by Jiuquan Municipal Government and Dunhuang Municipal Government. Through holding colorful ice and snow activities and supporting a series of preferential measures, it has set off a new upsurge of Dunhuang tourism "hot summer and autumn, warm winter and spring, balanced development of the four seasons".

Not only Dunhuang, but also all parts of the province hold winter tourism activities to add fun to tourists'travel.

Lanzhou City's "Lanzhou Blue-line Photography of the Yellow River Water" winter rhyme photo shooting activities, the first ice and snow Carnival in Guazhou, Jiuquan City, the Silk Road, Zhangye ice and snow sports carnival in Zhangye City and the sixth Jinzhangye ice and snow tourism cultural festival, Linxia Mass Alpine Skiing Championships and other thematic activities have distinctive features, with strong ornamental, participation and experience.

As the Silk Road Tour Fans, I personally like to visit this land in winter to feel the difference of every spots. Come to visit Gansu in Winter. You must be impressed by Dunhuang's unique cultural connotation and rich entertainment projects, and we have enjoyed it very much, despite the low temperature in the park.
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