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As the pioneer of the Silk Road and West China(Qinghai,Gansu and Xinjiang) Inbound tourism since 2005. Xinjiang China Travel arranged 10000+ travelers to fulfill their lift-time adventure to this legendary route with our enthusiasm,passionate and professional work. Tracing the footsteps of Marco Polo and the Silk Road Caravans to visit the numerous historical sites which are Buddhism Arts of thousands of Grottoes. Mysterious Ruins which are the Pompeii of the Silk Road.The splendid Landscapes and the colorful folklore of different minorities along the pearl Cities along the Silk Road. Our service are: Small Group Tour, Tailor-made Private Tour, Self Drive to China. Your Reliable China Tour partner promise you the very excellent service and best price.

Popular Silk Road Tours

Since 2004, we have sent tens of thousands adventurous and satisfied travellers to Silk Road

Silk Road Luxurious Travel-11Daysfrom $1680

Silk Road Luxurious Travel-11Days


Visit famous sunday bazaar in Kashgar, drive along the Karakom highway to Experience the Tajik folklore and Pamir landscape.Turpan as the trade center of the ancient silk road, many historicalsites preserved well becasue of the dry weather,Jiaohe Ruins,visit the local Uighur family.Hights of Dunhuang is the UNESCO Mogao Caves where you will know about the buddism art.camel riding in the crescent lake and sand dune, experience the Chinese traditional culture. wearrange the Tangshow and Dumplin banquet for you.Terra-cotta warriors is must see when you visit China.

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Silk Road Bullet Train Tour-8 Daysfrom $1380

Silk Road Bullet Train Tour-8 Days


Mysterious and attractive historical Silk Route in China, Buddhism temples and beautiful Chinese classical architectures and historical ruins as well as the picturesque of Heavenly Lake in Tianshan Mountain Chains.

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Silk Road Buddhism Culture Explorationfrom $2960

Silk Road Buddhism Culture Exploration


Silk Route Tour is an International route through several countries. It is effectively promote the culture and economic exchanges between east and west. Some of the earlist Buddhist Monk traveled along the Silk Road. After the influence of the Chinese Culture and Art. Numerous Grottoes were built up which are preseved very well and worth to visit as the treasures of the Buddhist Art. Our Silk Road Buddhism Culture Tour covers all the famous grottoes along the Silk Road from Urumqi to Xi'an.

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Silk Road Travel From Beijing to Bishkek-16Dfrom $3660

Silk Road Travel From Beijing to Bishkek-16D

Beijing-Xi'an-Jiayuguan-Dunhuang-Turpan-Kashgar-Tash Rabat-Issyk Kul-Bishkek

Take the Great Silk Road to China and Kyrgyzstan.Tracing the history of the opening,the development and the evolution of the Land Silk Road.Enjoy the Silk Road Cultures along the elegance of the major towns along.Colorful folklore and art,amazing landscape are also attractive

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Silk Road & Hexi Corridor Adventure-12Daysfrom $1980

Silk Road & Hexi Corridor Adventure-12Days


This tour will take you to the mysterious and attractive historical Silk Route in China, where you will visit many historical wonders, Buddhism temples and beautiful Chinese classical architectures and historical ruins. Hexi Corridor, refers to the historical route in Gansu province of China. As part of the Nothern Silk Road running northwest from the bank of the Yellow River it was the most important route from North China to the Tarim Basin and Central Asia for traders and the military.

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Northern Xinjiang Tour-10 Daysfrom $1960

Northern Xinjiang Tour-10 Days

Urumqi-Heavenly Lake-Fuyun-Burqin-Kanas-Hemu-Kuitun-Sayram Lake-Yining-Naraty

Northern Xinjiang is a great place with a lot of diversities,Tropical original forest in Altay mt,large pastureland.if you are keen on the photograph and most beautiful pastureland, this is the route you can not miss. barely untouched land, pure Tuwa tibes in Kanas area. please come and join in us!

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gansu Travel Guide

Gansu is located in northwestern China, the upper stream of Yellow River. It is the ideal place to explore Chinese history and culture, and enjoy spectacular landscape and custom.

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