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Client Name:Pavan
Group Code:CITA-SR12
My wife's bucket list: China Silk Road from Xian to Kashgar (also Taxkorgan) covering northern as well as southern sections of the route.
Took me over a year of painstaking research to make this possible for my wife. Lesley, whom I had selected after researching 6 other travel agents, worked patiently with me over this period, answering questions, sharing knowledge, making recommendations, and managing budget. Finally we had a 21-day private tour prepared. We were concerned as this was supposed to be a less developed part of China, and we didn't speak the local language at all!!!
In summary, we had a superb time, thanks entirely to Lesley, her arrangements, and hand holding when we needed it. The hotels, vehicles, drivers, guides, sights she picked were spot on. Despite not knowing the local language at all we never felt lost. My wife had the time of her life - an unforgettable adventure.
I particularly want to mention Lesley's help on one occasion. We were to take an overnight train from Kashgar to Kuqa. At the station the signs showed it was delayed indefinitely. After a few hours of waiting, relatively late in the evening, we were at a loss as we couldn't speak the language and had no idea what to expect. Desperately we called Lesley, fully expecting to go to a voicemail with a possible response by the morning. Much to our surprise she answered!! She spoke to the station staff and cleared up the situation for us. She gave us options and made alternative arrangements. She was on the phone with us intermittently from about 9 pm to 12:30 am!! She made sure we were comfortably in our hotel bed with an alternate flight booked in the morning for Urumqi. We were truly grateful to her for going above and beyond and making us feel fully taken care of.
On several other occasions too Lesley either answered the phone right away or called back within 5 minutes. For us this support was critical in having a trip to remember! 
I'm not a very forgiving reviewer, but for these guys I feel like rewarding a 10, not just a 5!

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