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Turpan consists of Gaochang District, Shanshan County and Toksun County. It lies in the east of northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and south of the Tianshan Mountains. Turpan was an important city on the Silk Road, it is also the place where four ancient civilizations gathered and communicated with each other.


What to Visit in Turpan?

Turpan features breathtaking landscape and diverse culture; here we have listed some popular attractions that any foreigners travelling to the country are worth to visit. So, let's start our journey to Turpan.
Through the ages, Karez Well has nurtured the many generations, It is a unique underground water conservancy project in Turpan Basin that uses the ground slope to draw groundwater.
As one of the must-see attractions in Turpan, Flaming Mountain is the best place to visit the magnificent landform, the historical exhibition of Gaochang State, and thematic Sculpture of Journey to the West.
In the north of the mountain, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves is one of the most important Buddha grotto relics in northwest China's Xinjiang.
Known as the "perfect ruin of earth building," Jiaohe Ruins used to be the capital city of the former Cheshi State.
Turpan is also called the Hometown of Grapes. Lying to the northeast of the city, Grape Valley is a peaceful haven for those who love fruits.
After few hours drive to Shanshan County, Turpan; we will arrive at Tuyoq Village, the well-preserved ancient oasis-villages in Turpan. Entering this traditional Uyghur Village, you can also visit the local Uyghur family and experience their life.
About 53.2 kilometres away from Tuyoq Village, we are going to Kumtag Desert to enjoy the different activities including sand therapy, sand skiing and camel racing.

Home Visit in Tuyoq Valley, Turpan:

Visit the local Uyghur family will be an amazing thing, during your Turpan Tours. Actually, there is a large population of Uyghurs are living in Tuyoq Valley, and most of them have maintained their traditions. When we came to the home of an Uyghur resident, they warmly invited us to taste the local raisins, which is really sweet.

Climate & Weather of Turpan:

Turpan belongs to a typical continental warm temperate desert climate, with sufficient sunshine, abundant heat but extremely dry, and sparse rainfall, so it is called Huo Zhou ( a place as hot as fire). The annual average temperature is 13.9℃, and the hot weather above 35℃ is more than 100 days. The greatest temperature in summer is 49.6℃, and the surface temperature is mostly above 70℃. The extreme minimum temperature in winter is -28.7℃. Due to the hot and dry climate, the yearly rainfall is only 16.4 mm, and the evaporation is 3000 mm. Meanwhile, from March to September are the best time to travel to Turpan.
Winter: Travellers can experience the special winter tours in Kumtag Desert.
Spring: From the end of March to April is the best time to see the apricot blossoms in Toksun county.
Summer and Autumn: The difference in temperature between day and night is large; yet, you can visit Grape Valley and Flaming Mountain.

                                          Annual Temperature of the Year/℃ ( High-Low )


Turpan History:

How to Get to Turpan:

There are three ways to get to Turpan: Flights, Trains, and Cars.

Go to Turpan By Air:

Turpan Airport ( Jiaohe Airport ), is the lowest airport in inland China. There are flights to Urumqi, Yinchuan, Dunhuang, Xi'an, Changsha and other places every week.

Go to Turpan By Train:

Drive to Tupan:

Turpan is located in the east of Urumqi, and it is the only way to enter the west of Turpan, Xinjiang. G30 Lianhuo Expressway (Jiangsu Lianyungang to Horgos border port in Xinjiang), G7 Jingxin Expressway (Beijing-Urumqi Expressway), 312 National Highway The Lanxin Highway and the 314 National Highway Nanjiang Highway are intersected here.
Driving from Urumqi to Turpan takes about 3 hours ( 193 km ).
Driving from Turpan City to Shanshan County takes about 1 hour and 32 minutes ( 93 km ).
Driving from Turpan City to Shanshan County takes about 1 hour ( 53.2 km ).


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