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Best Time to Qinghai

Qinghai has rolling grasslands, the vast Qaidam Basin, the endless sea of rapeseed, crystal-like Qinghai Lake, and mysterious Tea-horse Ancient Road. But when is the best time to travel to Qinghai is a common question for tourists and travel operators.

The Weather & Climate of Qinghai

In general, from May to October is the best time to travel to Qinghai; among them, Qinghai is considered to be a good summer resort with its continental plateau climate. The climate is dry in spring and autumn. In summer, the weather is cool and pleasant, the average daily temperature is different between day and night, and the ultraviolet rays are intense, so you need to bring some sunscreen products. Winter is relatively cold; the average minimum temperature can reach -20 ℃. Therefore, it is necessary to bring several warm garments on your trip to deal with the changeable weather.

                  Annual Temperature of the Year/℃ ( High-Low )

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun.
-1/-17 3/-15 12/-6 18/3 20/5 25/14
Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
28/13 27/12 21/6 15/0 10/-8 2/-15

When is the Best Time to Qinghai ?

May - October is the best time to travel around Qinghai Lake. If you would like to enjoy the perfect cycling experience and avoid a large number of people, we recommend you to visit Qinghai Lake from May to June or September to October.
April-May is the best time to see the birds in Bird Island of Qinghai Lake . Although the weather is still a bit cold, the feeling of being in the birds' world will make you feel worthwhile.
In June and August, the golden rape flowers are flourishing in Menyuan county and Qinghai Lake. What a fantastic view, under the plateau's blue sky, the golden flowers are embedded in the blue sea of Qinghai Lake.
Furthermore, In June every year, you can also go to Guide, Jianza Kampala, Qilian Mountains, Kunlun Mountains, Yuzhufeng, etc.
Note: The optimum time for appreciating rape flowers in annual Rape Flowers of Menyuan Tourism Cultural Festival held in July of Every Year.
It is lovely to shoot the gorgeous scenery of Haixi in September. With the blue sky, snowy mountains, grasslands, and azure lakes, plus the Gobi, desert, millennium Populus forest, shell Beams, alien ruins, Yadan landform, fantasy salt lake scenery, and so on; this mysterious place will make your photography trip unforgettable.

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