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Day 1


International flight on your own arrangement. Once arrive in Xining,be met and transferred to your hotel. Feel free at leisure for the rest of the day.
Accommodation: In Xining

Day 2

Ta'er Monastery

After breakfast, we will head to visit Ta'er monastary, Located 26km south of the Xining city proper, the sacred Kumbum Monastery, or Ta'er Si, is the best of the sights in the Xining area. which is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Northwest China, and enjoys a high reputation in China and Southeast Asia. After that, we will drive to Gonghe for rest.
Accommodation: In Gonghe

Day 3


After breakfast, we will drive to Yushu, it is an autonomous prefecture of southwestern Qinghai province, China. Largely inhabited by Tibetans, the prefecture has an area of 188,794 square kilometres (72,894 sq mi) and its seat is located in the town of Gyêgu in Yushu County, which is the place of the old Tibetan trade mart of Jyekundo. The official source of the Yellow River lies within the prefecture. Historically, the area belongs to the cultural realm of Kham in eastern Tibet. the road is good, and the journey will be relaxing, The scenery is excellent, like oil painting, and can see black necked cranes, vultures, eagles and other animals. 
Accommodation: In Yushu

Day 4

Mani City of Xinzhai

After breakfast, visit the Yushu Earthquake Memorial Site. I believe there will be a lot of feelings. Then I went to the Mani City of Xinzhai, where the local Tibetans gathered to pray. Over the course of more than 300 years, it has been said that there are 2.5 billion pieces of Mani stone, which are of different sizes and shapes, engraved with Buddhist statues or scriptures. The most common is the Tibetan six-character motto. The Mani stone has nearly 20 billion characters, which can be called "the world's first stone carving library". drive to Qumalai, Crossing the first bridge across the Tongtian River to Zhiduo County. Gongsa Temple is situated at the foot of Anikabao Mountain. It has a history of more than 800 years. Chinese food is arranged in Zhiduo County Town in the afternoon by way of Longbaotan Nature Reserve, where there are many valuable bird life such as black-necked cranes.
Accommodation: In Qumalai

Day 5


After breakfast, take a bus across the Kunlun Pass (4776M), go to the Sonan Dajie Nature Conservation Station, along the Qinghai-Tibet Line, we will visit Kunlun Shenquan, the Freeze Spring Conservation Station, the West Beach Viewing Platform, the Wuji Dragon and Phoenix Palace, in the West Beach can shoot Yuzhu Peak (6178M). Along the way you can see all kinds of wild animals, Tibetan sheep, Tibetan wild donkeys, foxes, lucky words can also meet the rare Tibetan antelope!
In the Kunlun Pass, you can see the statues of the Tibetan antelope in Kekexili, the Nandajie Monument by the sling, the beautiful and desolate Tibetan blue plateau, the rolling mountains, the herds of Tibetan antelopes and wild donkeys, and the believers who kowtow their heads along the heavenly road, which can immerse you physically and mentally in Tibetan customs. Then drove forward to Golmud, arrive in the evening.
Accommodation: In Golmud

Day 6

Yadan Landform Surrounded by Water

Today, we are going across the Qaidam Gobi Highway and reaching the world's only landform group, Duck lake, which is Yadan landform on the water. If Yadan in Dunhuang has the potential to launch a thousand ships, then the water Yadan is the perfect interpretation of this name, the remnants of the year after year by the wind and rain erosion, like a swarm of whales swimming in the ocean revealing their backs, the lake's tall whale back is a natural observation platform, far-sighted, the west is high and low water Yadan staggered.
Accommodation: In Dachaidan

Day 7

Chaka Salt Lake

After breakfast, we will departure from Dachandan to Chaka, upon arrival,  exploring the Chaka Salt Lake, Chaka Salt Lake means “the sea of salt” in Mongolian. It lies in the center of Chaka Basin, which was named by the national tourist geography magazine as one of the 55 places to go. 
Accommodation: In Chaka

Day 8

ChakaQinghai LakeXining
Qinghai Lake

Morning we will pick you up from the hotel and take you to visit Qinghai Lake, This is the largest inland salt water lake in China. It is no exaggeration to say that Qinghai Lake is a miracle that is endowed by a deity. Outside, He encircled the lake with four continuous mountains and extends broad grassland at the foot of them. Inside, like a master baker, He decorated the water with many little islands. All these natural attractions come together perfectly to form a Xanadu on earth to win
many tourists' favor. Then bus transfer to Xining for rest. 
Accommodation: In Xining

Day 9


After breakfast, airport transfer based on your flight schedule.


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