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Qinghai Lake and Bird Island

As the most beautiful lakes along the silk road, it has been selected as one of the five most beautiful lakes in China's national geography. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also see the many different birds are romping on the lake,which is quite splendid.
Brief Introduction of Qinghai Lake
Bird Island is located in the northwest of Qinghai Lake, it is divided into two different islands, the big island is called Haixipi and the small one is called Haixishan Mountain. Bird Island is a bird paradise on the edge of Qinghai Lake. Every spring, hundreds of thousands of birds come from the south to Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, as soon as they arriving here, they begin to construct their nest, it is very spectacular, and it is one of the key scenic spots for tourists to visit in Qinghai Lake.
What to visit in Bird Island?
Haixipi Island is a large island with dense vegetation, continue to visit you will see the kingdom of birds, on the East side of the island, the nests of cormorants are connected continuously, like castles made of nests. The original area of Haixi Mountain is very small, however in recent years, it has been enlarged because of the water level drop, it is about 1500 metres long, the island is flat and suitable for birds to build nests, it covered with nests all over the island, there are about 100,000 birds on the island when it is suitable for season. Every spring, dozens of birds, such as geese, fish gulls and brown-necked gulls, come here to construct their nests, among which there are many rare birds. furthermore, in the spawning season, you will see the dense birds' eggs, so people call this island an egg island.
After entering the Bird Island Scenic area, you need to take a sightseeing bus in the scenic area, about 3 kilometres, and then walk 1 kilometre to reach the two bird-watching platforms on both sides of the island, when you stand on the bird-watching platform, you can look eastward, the scenery of Qinghai lake is quite magnificent, and It is also a good opportunity for photography.
When is the best time to visit?
The island has several bird-watching pavilions which is nice to simply wander about, with the vivid and contrasting colours that are a part of the lake's scenery. The optimum time for bird watching is between March and July, when many of the birds migrate here to breed and take their summer holidays. If you can weather the cold and are an intent bird watcher, every November to February is the time to watch the famed giant swans. The island also contains the Lonabao Black-necked Crane Sanctuary, a conservation project for these protected species.
Travel Tips of Bird Island
1. The best bird-watching time is about April-June each year. There are no special sights at other times, which is not worth buying tickets to visit.
2. To protect the habitat of birds, tourists must follow the tour rout of the scenic spots, and not allowed to enter the spawning area where birds live together privately.
3. Qinghai Lake has an average altitude of 3, 000 metres, many tourists will have plateau reaction, please avoid intense exercise and ensure adequate sleep.
4. Qinghai Lake has a large temperature difference between day and night, especially in Summer, tourists should take more clothes. In addition, Qinghai Lake has intense sunshine and dust during the day, so the tourists are also suggested to prepare the sunglasses, headscarves and other necessities.
The admission price
Peak season: 115 RMB(May to October)
Off season: 75 RMB (November to April)
Opening Time:
The scenic spot is open all day 
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