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Road Cycling Race around Qinghai Lake

The race is held every July to August around the Qinghai Lake since 2002. The International Cycling Union has approved the race around the lake as level 2. HC level and is the top event in Asia as well as the world’s highest international road cycling race. It is only secondary to the Tour of France, Tour of Italy, and Tour of Spain and other Pro Tour races. The yearly event attracts more than 100 athletes from more than 20 teams all over the five continents of the world. The racing track is centered on the Qinghai Lake full of green waves and flocks of birds, and extends to the surrounding areas. The natural sceneries along the track are beautiful, imposing, charming and gentle.The 2013 Cycling Race covered a total of more than 2000 kilometers and the prize money totaled USD 600,000.
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