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The Ruins of Ancient City of Gaochang

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 Located 47 kilometers to thee southeast of the city of Turfan , the Gaochang Ruins is near the Flaming Mountain on north. It was a political, economic and cultural center of Xinjiang in ancient times. The existing parts of it consist of three parts built in different times. The first part is the outer city, which is square in shape, 5.6 kilometers in circumference. The second is the inner city,occupying the center of the outer city. The third is the palace city, which is situated in the northern part of the Gaochang city. There are still some earthen platforms remained in the palace city. In the southwesrern part of the outer city there is a temple of the Tang and the Gaochang Uighur periods. In the Han times, here was called Gaochangbi. In the former Liang times, the Gaochang Prefecture was set up here. During the northern Wei and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the city became the capital of Qu`s Gaochang Kingdom. Up to the Tang Dynasty, the West Prefecture was set up here. And in the Gaochang Uighur periods,the Also Protector General was set up in the city. After having been in use for 1400 years, the Gaochang City was burnt down in a war. The existing parts of it mostly belong to remains of Gaochang Uighur periods. Now it is a major cultural site under state protection. 
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